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Pers onali zed L ASIK Surge ry In dustr y Anal ysis, Mark et Si ze, S hare,
Growt h, Tr ends, Fore cast 2016 - 202 4
"The R eport Perso nalized LAS IK Surgery Marke t - Gl obal I ndustr y Anal ysis,
Size, Share, Grow th, Trends , and F orecast 201 6 - 2024 pr ovides inf ormati on
on pri cing, market analysis, share s, for ecast, and c ompany profi les fo r key
indust ry particip ants. - Mar ketRes earchR eports .biz"
About Perso nalize d LASI K Surg ery Ma rket
Global Personali zed LA SIK Su rgery Market : Over view
The re port o n the personalize d LASIK sur gery market analyzes the cu rrent and
future scenario o f the glob al mar ket. I ncreas e in p revale nce of visio n rela ted
disord er such as myopia , astigmat ism an d hype ropia, adven t of n ew
techno logy f or LASIK tr eatment, in crease in prefer ence f or min imally invas ive
treatm ent by pati ents and ey e surgeons, and high incide nce of age r elated
presby opia, are t he major dr ivers of t he glob al personal ized LASIK surge ry
market .
The pe rsonal ized LASIK surger y market re port compri ses an elab orate exec utive
summar y, whi ch include s a ma rket s napsho t that provi des in format ion ab out
variou s segments of th e mark et. It also provid es inf ormati on and data analys is
of the global mar ket with re spect to th e segments based on te chnolo gy,
diseas e indicati on, end users and geogr aphy. A deta iled q ualita tive a nalysi s of
driver s and restr aints of t he mar ket and opportunit ies has be en pro vided in
the ma rket overvi ew section.
In add ition, the section co mprise s Port ers Fi ve For ces An alysis to un dersta nd
the co mpetit ive landsc ape in the market . This secti on of the re port a lso
provid es mar ket attract iveness an alysis , by g eograp hy and marke t shar e
analys is by key player s, thu s pres enting a tho rough analys is of the ov erall
compet itive scena rio in the globa l pers onaliz ed LAS IK sur gery m arket.
Global Personali zed LA SIK Su rgery Market : Segm entati on
Based on technolo gy, the per sonalized LASIK surger y mark et is segmen ted as
wave f ront LASIK, topography -guided LAS IK, bladel ess LA SIK, p resby LASIK,
and ot hers. Wavefront L asik is fu rther s egmented i nto wa vefron t guid ed LAS IK
and wa vefront opt imized LASI K. The tech nology mar ket se gments have been
analyz ed based on available appro ved te chnolo gy and syste ms, co st-
effect ivenes s, and preference for techno logies by ophtha lmolog ist an d pati ents.
The ma rket s ize and for ecast for e ach of the se seg ments have b een pr ovided
for th e period fr om 2014 to 2024, along with their respective CAGRs for the
foreca st period f rom 2016 to 2024, cons idering 201 5 as the b ase ye ar.
View R eport @ ht tp://w ww.mar ketres earchr eports .biz/a nalysi s/1045 350
Based on disease indication , LASI K surg ery ma rket i s segm ented into m yopia,
hypero pia, a stigmatism and pr esbyopia. The pe rsonal ized L ASIK s urgery marke t
has be en segmente d into four major categories on the ba sis of end u sers:
hospit als, ophtha lmic clini cs, am bulato ry sur gical center s, and other s. The
market segme nts have be en extensi vely a nalyze d base d on p revale nce of the
diseas es, availab le treatme nt, an d geog raphic al cov erage. The m arket size a nd
foreca st in terms of US$ Mn for each s egment have been p rovide d for the
period from 2014 to 2024. Th e report al so pro vides the c ompound an nual
growth rate (CAGR %) for eac h market se gment for t he forecast period fro m
2016 t o 2024, con sideri ng 2015 as the b ase ye ar.
Geogra phically, t he global person alized LASIK surge ry mar ket ha s been
catego rized into five m ajor region s and the key co untrie s in t he res pectiv e
region : North Ame rica (the U.S., Canada ), Eur ope (t he U.K ., Ger many, Russia ,
France , Spai n, Italy, a nd Rest of Europ e), As ia Pac ific ( Japan, India , Chin a,
Austra lia & New Z ealand and Rest of Asi a Paci fic), Latin Americ a (Bra zil,
Mexico , and Rest of Latin A merica ) and Middle East & Afri ca (So uth Af rica,
GCC c ountrie s and Rest of Mid dle East & Afric a). Th e mark et siz e and foreca st
for ea ch of these regions a nd the menti oned c ountri es hav e been provi ded fo r
the pe riod from 2 014 to 2024, alon g with the ir res pectiv e CAGR s for the
foreca st period f rom 2016 to 2024, cons idering 201 5 as the b ase ye ar. Th e
resear ch study al so covers the com petitive s cenari o in t hese r egions .
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http:/ /www.m arketr esearc hrepor /sampl e/sam ple/10 45350
Compan ies Mention ed in the R eport
The re port a lso pr ofiles majo r players in the globa l pers onaliz ed LAS IK sur gery
market based on various attribute s such as co mpany overvi ew, fi nancia l
overvi ew, product portf olio, business s trateg ies, a nd rec ent de velopm ents.
Major players pro filed in th is report includ e Alco n Labo ratori es, In c, Abb ott
Labora tories Inc. , Bausch & Lomb Surgic al, Inc., Carl Z eiss, Inc., Nidek Co.
Ltd., Lasersight Techn ologie s, Inc ., SUP REME I LASIK COMPAN Y LIMI TED.,
Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG (Ziemer G roup Co mpany) and other s.
The gl obal ophth almic ultras ound d evice market has b een se gmente d as
follow s:
By Tec hnology
Wa ve front LA SIK
Wa vefront Gu ided L ASIK
Wa vefront Opt imized LASI K
To pography-Gu ided LASIK
Bl adeless LA SIK
Pr esby LASIK
Ot hers
By Dis ease Indica tion
My opia
Hy peropia
As tigmatism
Pr esbyopia
By End User
Ho spitals
Op hthalmic cl inics
Am bulato ry Surgical Centers
Ot hers
By Geo graphy
N orth Am erica
U. K.
Ru ssia
Re st of Europe
As ia Pacific
Au stralia and New Zeala nd
Re st of Asia Pacifi c
La tin A merica
Me xico
Re st of Latin Ameri ca
Mi ddle East and Afr ica
GC C countries