PewDiePie vs Firewatch Game on Steam

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PewDiePie vs Firewatch Game on Steam
Fans of the most popular video blogger PewDiePie were irritated by the attempt by Firewatch
developers to bite him for the word "nigger" during the broadcast. All this led to a rapid drop in the
ratings of the game on Steam.
According to the information, on Sept. 11, Firewatch studio Campo Santo sent a copyright complaint to
PewDiePie about their game. The reason for the developers' displeasure was the word "nigga", which
accidentally broke out of the blogger during the broadcast of a completely different game
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. The blogger immediately apologized and said that he did not want to
offend anyone, it was an accident.
Fans of PewDiePie did not agree with the actions of developers and brought down the rating of their
game on Steam. Since its release in early 2016, Firewatch has received 25,000 reviews, which the system
has classified as "very positive." However, a recent flurry of negative reviews brought this rating down
to "mixed." Over the past 30 days, the game has received 999 reviews, and half of them were negative.