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Evening dresses and most lades held worst Evening star
The party dress speaks a lot and if you made a bad choice in style, it can give results very ugly,
sometimes funny, but always disappointing for the wearer.
A carefully chosen beautiful evening dress example will benefit you in all that you made. And
conversely, an evening dress ugly may harm your image. Of all the stars we could see scrolling on
the red carpet of the most famous, it was observed a few missteps on the choice of evening dress
they choose to wear. Here are some examples of the worst evening gown worn by a star . An
article that offers auction site online evening dress and wedding dress Robemarie Charlotte .
The Influence of the bad prom dress
For example, at the Grammy Awards in 2013, we have seen some celebrities brought the worst
evening dresses we have ever seen. These stars of the red carpet are proof that anyone can have a
bad taste, and that is not necessarily because evening dress is that it is pretty expensive. It is true
that when we see big stars, actresses or singers, with evening dresses very ugly, sometimes we
wonder what they are going through your head.
Evening dress ugly Florence Welch
It was on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards in 2013 that Florence Welch has surprised us by
one particularly "offset" evening dress . We can say that his talents "fashionista" have been
particularly harmed during this evening by his choice of attire. She chose to wear a long evening
gown green sequined Givenchy. As you can see, we can say that the style is not valid. At least she
has a smile with this style "dinosaur" on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards
A prom dress pretty ugly Christina Aguilera
What about this evening dress worn by Christina Aguilera in her hand she will not and does not
put it to his advantage. I must say that this singer connects more of the fashion faux pas for
evening dresses. She opted for a square cut that comes round his face and reveals its small flaws
and also shows that the singer took a few curves.
This style of dress looks would fully demonstrate what can be considered to be ugly evening gown
and there would be no harmony between the dress and the wearer. This dress in shades of purple is
put forward too round shapes of the young woman, and this is what gives this bad effect. More her
accompanied shoes that are not at all suitable for the dress make she look completely out of
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