Planning a Home Extension? Read On

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Planning a Home Extension? Read On!
An extension to your home is a great way to add additional space to your
property, while adding value. You should not underestimate the scale of this
kind of project as it is quite an undertaking. Fear not, as below are seven
handy tips you should consider to ensure you get the extension of your
Which Architect?
This is probably the biggest decision you will make (besides the actual design
of course) and should not be taken lightly. Your architect is your guide
throughout the whole process and will let you know what is and what is not
possible in the build. You should be as clear as possible with them regarding
the design of your extension as they can only solve problems if they know the
full details. Ask to see examples of your prospective architects work to see
the standard of their designs before hiring them.
Planning Permission and Building Regulations
Your architect will be able to assist in ensuring that your extension meets
local building regulations and will receive planning permission. You should
contact your local authority planning department to obtain planning
permission. Please note that if your property is a listed building or is in a
conservation area, you may not be able to extend your property at all. It is
always good to check with the local authority to ensure you are able to
complete the project in the way you want.
To avoid getting a nasty shock upon completion of the project, it is
imperative that you keep abreast of the costs. Ensuring that your labour and
material costs are under control is something that can be done at the
quotation stage. Also important is to work very closely with the architect at
the planning stage to ensure you only receive what you want. Some
architects will give you the most expensive options if you fail to guide them

Research, research, research!
You can never do too much research when planning a home extension, so be
prepared for some work on your part. Looking at local examples of
extensions as well as previous work your architect and builder have
completed will mean you plan the right kind of extension to be completed by
the right people.
Ensure you have a Warranty
As with any purchase, a warranty protects you if you receive a product that is
sub-standard. You should ask for details of any warranty offered by both the
architect and builders prior to signing the contracts. Failure to obtain a
warranty could result in problems with the construction of the extension that
may cost a lot of money to put right.
Stay in Control
You must remember that at every stage of the project, you are the boss. Do
not allow yourself to be led by any contractor into doing something you do
not want. Being assertive in the planning and building stages means that you
will get the extension you want, not the extension that your contractors want
to sell you.

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  • Planning a Home Extension? Read On!
  • Which Architect?
  • Planning Permission and Building Regulations
  • Budgeting
  • Research, research, research!
  • Ensure you have a Warranty
  • Stay in Control