Planning Home Extensions - Things to Consider Before Planning

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Planning Home Extensions - Things to Consider Before Planning
It is quite upsetting when you find that you are running out of space at
home, and accommodating your belongings and moving freely has become a
problem. In such cases, you must consider loft or side extension. You benefit
a lot here, as this raises the value of your property, and you get an extra
room with luxury external bathroom and outstanding ventilation. To know
more details click here.
Neighbors - While extending the side of your house, you don't require any
permission government or society members. According to the Party Wall Act,
you are required to notify your adjoining neighbors two months before you
starting the construction work.
Once done, if you do not get any response even after 14 days from the day
of notification, or there is an objection from your adjoining neighbors, then
you could approach a party wall surveyor who can help you in such a
Planning - This is one phase that does not require any permission, but it is
very important that you have permitted development (PD) rights. Planning
and designing can be left to any of the top loft extension Kent companies.
They will ensure that you get what you want, well within your budget.
Cost - the cost mainly depends on how large is the extension area and plan.
No matter how hard you try to cut down on the expenses while constructing
it yourself, you will exceed the set budget. Therefore, it is best that you hire
extension companies to do the job. Any reputed construction company will
not charge you more than 25,000 to 70,000.
To conclude, it is suggested that you surf the net a little and look for
well-known loft extension Kent companies that can help you get that much
needed extra space in your home.