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Plantar Fasciitis Foot
Pain treatment

What is
fasci tis is a painful
inflammatory method of the plantar
fascia, a thick tough band that
connects the heel bone to the base of
the toes.
The most common complaint from
plantar fasci tis is a burning, stabbing,
or aching pain in the heel of the foot.
Stretching the plantar fascia can help
reduce the symptoms of plantar
fasci tis.

Causes of
Improper body and ankle balance.
Defective structure of the foot.
People having problems with their arches :
- either very flat feet or high arched feet
Wearing non-supportive footwear on hard, flat

Symptoms of
Plantar Fasciitis
Pain in the base of the heel.
The pain is worse when they get up in the
Quick pain in the centre of the foot.
Pain that increases over a period of months.
Pain due to sitting for long period of time.

Plantar fasciitis
treatment exercise
Plantar fasci tis treatment exercises
help in treating and preventing
various types of heel pain.
By performing plantar fascia
exercises, you wil be able to greatly
improve the strength and litheness of
your foot and consequently reduce
pain from plantar fasci tis and heel
spurs, while also helping to prevent
further occurrences of heel pain

Massage your feet Gently
Take medicine for pain relief
Strengthen The calf Muscles

Roll a frozen water
Icing around painful
bottle or golf ball under
area. Ice your feet 2- 3
the arch.
times daily.
Towel Stretch Exercise.

Measures : Long
Term Care
No matter what kind of treatment you undergo for it, the underlying causes that led
to heel pain may remain .
So, It is advisable to practice some regular preventive measures.
Such as:
Maintain an ideal
Wearing supportive
Custom orthotic devices

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