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Day by day advanced technology hit the world that give rise to latest devices
and equipments. Nowadays, one of the most advanced technologies which are
getting increasing popular is the technology of plasma television. The
contribution of plasma television to the world is great. The technology is
advancing everyday to produce better quality products that will last even
longer. Majority of the television makers will also give an approximate lifespan
of more than sixty thousand hours for their products. Thus, it increases the
overall life span of plasma TV between twenty to twenty five years normally
after which the screen of the TV becomes extremely dim and low. This is a new
kind of technology that reflects the top most improvements made to the
television technology in the recent years.

The technology that is involved in the making of plasma television is the
innovative one. This technology is invented with the help of gas in the plasma
state that reacts with phosphorus to create cells which are called pixels. Each
pixel of the plasma is containing sub pixels that are fluorescent in color. These
pixels are occurred only in primary colors that is red, green and blue. These sub
pixels produce millions of colors when they are subjected to chemical
reactions. This gives rise to the superb color saturations that is seen in plasma
television. Thus, plasma television is an attributed to all the advanced
technology introduced in the market.
After the invention of plasma television, several new technologies are also
invented that supports the life span of the plasma television. The foremost
technology is the pixel orbiter. This technology quickly swaps the color of the
pixels when an image is being displayed on the TV screen. This technology
creates a sense of picture change for the television itself but it is practically not
possible for the viewer to see the changes. Moreover, this technology also
eliminates the threat of burn-in
, preventing attending to pixel health that
extends the life span of plasma televisions.
The misconception that is associated with this popular technology is that is
requires regular service and maintenance for filling the ionized gases inside the
monitor. Some of the customers also worried about the longevity of this
product. They thought that this kind of television is having a short life span.

By: Grant Sheridan