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Steven and Sprague (Platform) 1

Vote Steven and Sprague (Harper Hall Social Chairs), we're all about Hipos,
that's Hype, Integration, Planning, Organization, and Spirit

- We believe that an event is more successful if more people attend, this
includes the faces that are not normally at events.

How to change this?

- Free Harper Swag equipment to Harperites who helped decorate two days
in a row.
- Create variety of new events that people would be interest in.

Hype 2:

- Harper is a family, that being said we would like to open up Harper to
other residences for certain events. Certain events such as coffee house
should remain Harper only; we want to improve the already impressive
Harper life.

How to change this?

Ideas we had that would carry out our idea to hype up Harper are the following:

- Creating Facebook event that is accessible for other residences as well as
- For events like Havoc, Floor Crawl, creating posters that can be placed
around campus to hype up excitement.
- Work with the other exec teams around campus to help pump events up
around campus.

Hype 3:

- Hyping up party life, Mardi Gras is successful because people want beads.
We would like to create a Prize system or sorts. If this could be done,
more people may try harder to be involved.

- We want more integration between frosh and upperclassmen within the
first week or two of moving into Harper. This would make the frosh feel
more comfortable and make it an inviting place to live in.

How we would accomplish this?

- Like the frosh activities that are put on by exec, we would like to do the
same thing, but with upper classmen too. This would help create
friendships that otherwise wouldn't be created such as, speed dating or a
huge game of twister


- Harper has some awesome events, and we would like to open up and
allow other people to express their ideas for events. This could allow an
increase in productivity and could also make the events much better.

How to do this?

- By having a comments, or ideas box in the main lobby where people can
put ideas. This box would be checked on a weekly basis.
- Meetings could also be held, on our own time, or during house council


- Although this does not only encompass Soc. Chairs, we believe the rest of
the exec would be willing to do this with us. Organization in the exec
closet can ensure a nice and relaxed atmosphere around residence.

How to do this?

- We would also like to prepare a list of decorations before the decorating
for an event begins. This will allow people to know what their job is and
when certain jobs should be done.


- Being proud to be a Harperite is what it's all about, and we want to keep
the reputation alive and expand it.

How to do this?

- We would like to hold a clothing/swag sale within the first couple months
of the school year. These items would include sweatpants, t-shirts,
hoodies, etc. By doing this other residences would be able to notice
Harperites throughout the day.

Forget the rest, harpers the best, go Harper, go Harper