Popularity Of PHP – Why Should You Choose PHP As Your Web Development Platform?

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Popularity Of PHP - Why Should You Choose PHP As Your Web Development Platform?
A custom website design company has several reasons for choosing PHP as its main development platform. As on today, there are
innumerable web development companies which use PHP as their main development tool. If you've not opted for PHP as your primary
development medium, the advantages mya convince you to seriously consider using it for your development related activities.
While discussing core PHP development, currently more than 33.53% of the total server sided web development in the world is
carried out using PHP. It is widely used, and is one of the most prefered choice as far as reliable and robust web applications are
concerned. So why is PHP so popular? Well, there are many reasons why a core PHP developer will opt for the particular web
development environment. The first and the foremost advantage of PHP is its open source licencing. It is free. You don't have to
"purchase" PHP before carrying out web based developmnt in it. Moreover, it is a server based general purpose sripting language
which is comparatively easy to understand and use. It features well organised modules which make the scripting language more precise
and clear. In addition, plugins and the functionality offered by third party application development can be easily availed through PHP.
It's no wonder why such a large number of developers indulge in core PHP programming. It's worth knwoing the main benefits of
using PHP.

Open source development
PHP is totally "open source". It means a computer program whose source code is made available to the public for their specific use,
and it can be further modified from its actual design free of any costs. Open source code is generally created or developed as a joint or
collaborative efforts of several programmers who improve the original code and share it with the programming or development
community. This turns out to be affordable for a web design and development company which undertakes customised development
for its clients.

Cross platform support
One of the major constraints while developing web based applications is the support provided for various platforms used by developers
while designing their applications. It is very important for the development environment to support the various platforms existing on
the internet, so the vast majority of the browsers can load the applications. Moreover, the operating systems too play a very important
role. The applications should be compatible with other systems such as linux, unix, Macintosh, Fedora, iOS, Red Hat Linux, Debian,
Solaris, etc. A website design and development company would ideally opt for PHP based development simply because it supports
almost all platforms and operating systems.

Technical support
A major factor which often decides the success of a technical product is what kind of support and help is provided while using the
product. In the development field, technical support is a very crucial aspect which determines whether a particular website
development and design company
will use that particular platform, and up to what extent. Since PHP is an open souce and open
development platform, large numbers of web developers are available who can help you with your individual queries. Moreover, there
is a lot of technical help available online which further adds on to the importance of using PHP.

Increased ROI
PHP is free and highly cost effective. It is easy to learn compared to other development enironments, and the development too takes
much lesser time. Using PHP also helps to decrease the turn around time. It is cheaper to carry out development using PHP.
Considering all the technical points, it makes sense for a company offering website design and development services to use PHP as
its main development platform.

Vast PHP community
The total numbers of developers using PHP is huge. It is so popular that many portals and websites specially cater to PHP and PHP
based developmental aspects. There is a big benefit, directly and indirectly - problems get solved quickly, solutions are found swiftly,
technical queries are resloved in a jiffy, etc. There's safety in numbers, and if the saying is right, there's safety in using PHP. It is one of
the primary reasons why a PHP website development company whould choose the open source platform.
If, as a custom website design company you decide to select PHP as your main front-end web development platform, you would in
fact be one of the million IT companies to do so. A popular choice amongst web developers, PHP is taking on the field of web
programming by leaps and bounds. The develoipment is constantly evolving, and not expected to be "phased out" in the near future. So
use PHP, and benefit from the advantages it offers!