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May 20th marks the 30th year of the Historic Irvington Home Tour.

This once a year event is a great opportunity to learn more about some of
the magnificent homes in Portland's Irvington Neighborhood. Sunday, May
20th, from 11am to 5pm you can wander through several homes, chat with
the hosts about the history of the property, and get inspired by the
amazing architecture and classic design.

I will be hosting guests at the McCollough Home. Events like this are right
up my alley, combining my love of home and history along with the chance
to get people excited about interesting homes and the stories that go with
them. You can view all the homes in Irvington that are on the National
Register of Historic Homes, and learn about their styles and architects.

Demand is there and inventory is very very low which is causing a frenzy
around new well priced listings. While this can be a little frustrating for
buyers it creates an environment that drives appreciation. I feel very
positive that this year we will see appreciation and an increase in unit
sales to a level significantly above the previous three years in Inner SE
and NE Portland.

The market continues to be very tight with a limited number of good
houses available in most neighborhoods. This presents a great
opportunity to homeowners who are considering selling and can take
advantage of the high # of buyers out there and relatively low # of homes
to compete with. If you or anybody you know are considering selling
please contact us today.

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