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July 25, 2011

Point of sale-Inventory and purchase order management with single POS software

Summary :- POS software are custom made software's for specific industries like fashion
POS and Hospitality POS as billing and inventory management in different sectors of
industries have different challenges and tasks to perform. Easy navigation, fast transaction,
easy to use menus and simple drag and drop screen make POS software a must for every

POS (Point of sale) also some time called as POP (Point of purchase) or check out point is a
place where the actual transaction of money and goods happen. Software used to make this
transaction happen is called POS software. The term "POS software" is simply a phrase that
software development companies came up with to describe their software. The problem is
that each POS software system can be VERY different! And the software can have a huge
impact on the productivity of your business. POS software is utilised at the physical location at
which goods are sold to customers. In other words... POS software takes the place of your
cash register. Software are often custom made and are useful for any particular industry there
are point of sale software for industries for example fashion POS and hospitality POS.

So you might have got an idea that what is POS software in simple words POS software is
software on your computer by using which you can maintain sales and transaction. You tell
the computer what you're selling, the selling price, and the quantity sold. Then it calculates
the total, including tax, and tells you how much change is due. It also records every sale and
tracks everything. As POS software remembers everything it can generate different types of
data for you for example daily sales, monthly sales, yearly projection of sales, fast moving
goods, sales trends and many more. POS software can be used for following purposes and

Point of sale - Makes the process of billing fast and comfortable.

Inventory Management - POS software automates inventory management as it keeps track of
all the sales volume and instantly prepares inventory status report when and where it is
required. It can create purchase order automatically based on minimum inventory levels or
you can choose a fixed interval purchase order printing. In case there is any price updates it
can automatically update prices for the product in the software and billing amount gets
change accordingly.

Some other uses - POS software can act as bar code scanning feeder, it can be used to
calculate account receivables, General ledger and payroll purposes can also be solved with
the help of POS software.

July 25, 2011

However there are misconception related to POS software it should be kept in mind that every
POS do not provide the same functioning and infect they are based on industries specific
requirements like Fashion POS and Hospitality POS. I have found very good POS software
provider and you can visit pospeople.com.au for details. They provide custom made POS
software for shops like fashion POS. Fashion POS have following characteristics.

Specially made for fashion and garment industries.

1. Easy navigation and simple management reporting in fashion POS.

2. Fashion matrix helps you to keep an eye on your fast moving items.

3. Easy-to-use menus and simple drag and drop screen, makes entries into the system

4. Comprehensive reporting provides cross referenced results for sales and stock details
based on multiple criteria. And many more.

If you have hospitality related services like restaurant and food shop try out Restaurants, Take
Aways, Cafes and Pizza Retailers, Food & Grocery sections in the site pospeople.com.au
under industries heading. There hospitality POS can make you cope with the everyday
challenges arriving in any hospitality sector is it training for your employees or handling rush
hour clients. Hospitality POS is a unique solution to every problem of hospitality POS