PR Visas For Australia Paving Way For Skilled Migrants Globally

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PR Visas For Australia Paving Way For Skilled Migrants Globally
Australia is popularly known as a land of kangaroos and one of the most fascinating
destinations to settle for the lifetime. With a diverse culture, modern lifestyle, good climatic
conditions, multicultural environment and friendly people, Australia open broad doors for
immigrants to enter the country. In accordance with this, with a robust and thriving economy,
the country attracts a great number of skilled professionals who could contribute to the
Any one who wish to immigrate to Australia must have a suitable visa to enter the country. The
government of Australia offers several skilled visa types to the candidates, helping them gain
permanent residency status. The skilled immigration system of Australia is governed by skill
select criteria that monitors the skilled professionals based on the point based system. Federal,
regional and employer sponsored are the major skilled immigration programs. The visa subclass
189 and 190 are the two main and popular PR visa categories that the migrants seek for. In
order to get the visa successfully, the candidate has to first submit the expression of interest
followed by qualifying the skill assessment criteria by answering certain questions that judges

the profile of the candidates in various parameters. The program follows the point based
selection criteria where the applicant is awarded points based on his skills, qualification, age,
and health and character requirements. However, there are several other factors that must be
fulfilled in order to get the visa easily.
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