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Make only fully informed decisions when
investing in a new property. Assured Inspectio ns
is here to provide thorough and quality pre
purchase building inspections Adelaide so that
you know the condition of the building struct ure
that you are about to put your money into. We
are a proudly South Australian bus iness that is
family owned and managed. We began in the
construction indust ry with extensive knowledge
in the building structures for o ver four decades.
While we are no longer in that industry and no
longer connected to any cont ractor or vendor,
we use our expertise to be able to provide
honest, independent, and thoro ugh pre
purchase building inspections Adelaide, as well
as termite inspections. When it co mes to
condition and defect identification, Assur ed
Inspections is the one to do the job for you. Call
us today on 0417 828 457 to find out how we can
help you.
Pre Purchase
Choosing the Rig ht Pre Purcha se
Building Inspe ctions Adelaide
Assured Inspections is your par tner in pre
purchase building inspections Adelaide. With our
decades of experience in the construc tion
industry, we are able to look into your pros pect
property in detail and provide reliable
recommendations. We are qualified to the tas k
for you as we are a licensed building contract or
Highly Qualified Pr e Purchase
Building Inspe ctions Adelaide
converted by
with building supervisors regist ration, and a
licensed electrical contrac tor with electrical
workers registration. Our inspect or has
completed TAFE qualifications on Advanced
Certificate in Building Technology as well as
completed studies on Inspect and Repo rt Timber
Pests. We are also a member of the Associat ion
of Building Consultants and are fully updated on
national building standards. Our expertise in
construction and building structures do not on ly
entitle us to conduct qualified inspect ions but
also to deliver reliable information relevant for
you family’s investment plans. Partner only with
Assured Inspections and you can c onfidently
invest in the right property.
Building the right property port folio requires a
large investment of time and money. That is why
Assured Inspections wants you to inves t in the
right place by providing you the best pr e
purchase building inspections Adelaide. We offer
you both building and termite inspect ion at very
competitive prices. We will conduct the
inspection on your behalf prior to purchasing or
bidding for a house in an auction. Our thoro ugh
inspection includes struc tural and other
functional checks. We also identify major and
minor damages and the extent of repair
necessary. Upon your request , we will also be
able to couple this building inspectio n with a
Pre Purch ase Building Inspe ctions
converted by
termite inspection where we will determine any
infestation and damage. Within the same day or
after the inspection is carried ou t, we will set a
meeting with you to discuss our findings fro m
the pre purchase building inspect ions Adelaide.
We will also provide a written report with
inspection results.
Think you have the right property to inves t in?
Let Assured Inspection make the right
recommendation for you. Call us now on 0417
828 457.
Contact Us Toda y About Your Pr e
Purchase Building Inspections
0417 828
457Call us now to find your solution
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