Precisely what is Anzac Day?

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Anzac stands for Australia and New Zealand
Army Corps.

During the World War 1, In the year 1915,
Australian and New Zealand armies
together, decided to take on Turkey to
capture Constantinople, They decided to
land at Gallipoli to attack.

Son on 25th April at dawn they landed
Gallipoli to strike on Turkey.

The beach they landed at Gallipoli was
named as Anzac Cove.

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Before the attack, no one had thought that it
would last for a longer time.

The Anzac Soldiers fought for 8 months and
after 8 months the Australian and New
Zealand Soldiers were evacuated from

Australian, New Zealand and Turkey faced
Heavy casualties.

It is said that Australian 8000 Soldiers and
2500 New Zealand Soldiers died during this
8 months.

After the soldiers returned from Gallipoli to
their homeland, In year 1916, 25th April was
commemorated in remembrance of the
soldiers who died during the Gallipoli war.

Since then every year Anzac Day is
commemorated and it is a National Holiday.