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No contract $49 a/month or even Totally free

Solavei offers unlimited voice, text plus lighting fast data on the 4G nationwide system for just one
of the best rates available: $49 monthly plus taxes and fees. But Solavei also offers something
most carrier does... the opportunity to virtually reduce or remove your telephone bill whenever
you share Solavei along with other people.

Just compare Solavei with other services. Along with Solavei, you only need to pay $49. 00 /
month with Unlimited voice, text and data Unlimited Voice, Textual content and 3GB Data.
Although this is not the cheapest option, you will definately get substantial monthly revenue if you
are using and promoting solavei prepaid program.

No Contract, No Brainer. Simply no overages. Simply no commitment. No problem. An instead of
spending millions on advertising, we all allow you to decrease your bill, and even make money,
only for sharing this great service with your family and friends.
Super Fast 4G Data transfer rates, Nationwide

Solavei cellular service runs on a single of the nation's leading 4G networks, so that you can bring
your favorite unlocked GSM smart phone, including the iPhone, without reducing.
Move your number to Solavei

Your phone number will be your connection to the world. You do not want to miss important calls
or feel the hassle of handing out a new phone number. When you switch to Solavei, you can keep
the current phone number.
Get a Cell phone Provider for Free

It's simple: for every 3 people you directly sign up for mobile assistance, Solavei will pay you $20
monthly. That means by registering just 9 individuals, you're gaining $60 monthly - greater than
the price of your monthly telephone costs.

When you continue to share, your network keeps growing. For individuals who wish to produce a
source of additional monthly revenue, Solavei offers a compensation plan which makes it possible
to earn up to 20 dollars, 000 each month.

Revenue from Solavei depends upon your efforts.
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