Prepare Your Landscape for Winter Weather

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Prepare Your Landscape for Winter Weather
Most of us associate Outdoor Landscaping projects with warmer weather or
at least spring like weather and don't think of it has a winter activity. Even
though most plants and landscaping is down in the spring and summer, there
are some projects that need to be done in the fall or winter months to ready
your gardens for warmer weather.
In the fall, before the winter sets in, is the time when bulbs need to be
planted in order to come up in the spring. Pay attention to the planting
directions on the packaging, but examine the bulbs before you purchase
them. A larger bulb indicates the bloom will be larger and you want to make
sure the bulb is clean, plump and firm. Remember, cheap isn't always better,
your physical examination is a better indicator of good bulbs.
Trim the grass and weed around trees and along the side of out buildings to
prevent rodents from nesting them for the winter. Keeping them away will
keep them from gnawing on your trees or shrubs for nourishment during the
long winter months, as well as preventing litters of rodents from being born
near your home. Don't prune your trees or shrubs as that could stimulate
new growth and expose them to the harsh winter conditions, killing part or
all of the tree or shrub.
Deeply water your plants for the winter so they go into the winter well
hydrated. Cut your lawn and use a winter fertiliser blend if you wish too.
Clean your garden and harvest warm-season produce like tomatoes, even
though they still may be green. You can eat them as is or they can ripen in a
window or a paper sack. Get rid of weeds and other lingering annuals to
protect your garden from possible diseases.
Clean your tools by washing the soil off of them and let them dry out. Once
they have dried, oil wooden handles and moving parts on the tools. After
you are done, place your tools in a clean, dry spot for the winter. When
warmer weather returns, you can pick up new Landscape Supplies North
Brisbane garden centres will have ready for the upcoming season.