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Friends for Good Health
260 W. Old County Road
Hicksville NY 11801
Phone: 516 586 8024
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Email:[email protected]
Bobby K. Kalotee
Mr. Fred Brown
Sharaf M. Alhariri
Jack Brewer
Numan T yyeb
Carmen Horan
International Chairman Executive Vice Chairman
Chairman Middle East/Africa
Executive Vice Chairman
Chairman Asia
Chairman South America
Dr. Yashpal Ary a
Dr. Urm ilesh Ary a
Dr. Azad K. Anand
Dr. Nutan Anand
Dr. Bhupendra R. Patel
Dr. May a Sanghavi
Press Release
Dr. Raj inder S. Uppal
Dr. Krishan Kum ar
Dr. Arvind Shah
I am honored and privileged to announce that our humanitarian trip to San Miguel, San Salva dor
Dr. Luis Oscar Herrera
Tapecoyo in El Salvador was extremely successful and humbling. Our team of leading doctors, were not
Dr. Paul Papia
only happy to help the needy but were also grateful that there lives were touched by this profound
Dr. Krishan C.Nay yar
experience. By the time we were leaving, they had committed to come back with there other colleagues,
Dr. Sam ian Naqbi
so they can also experience the same.
Dr. Ashwani Patel
Dr. Rolan Rose
This mission could not have been possible without the help of volunteers that included medical & nursing
Dr. Shashi Patel
students, local doctors and local government officials.
Dr. Ashwani Patel
Dr. Aj oy Sinha
Dr. Lam bros D. G. Angus
While Bobby was visiting El Salvador, a small incident of health helped him realize that how difficult it is
Dr. Niranj an Patel
to get not only good medical assistance but also the high cost of medicine in that country.
Dr. Vij ay Shah
Dr. Meenakshi Jhaveri
This led to the start of "Friends for Good Health". He approached many of his personal friends in the field
Dr Krishna K. Jhaveri
of Healthcare. These friendships span over more than 20 years, and of course most of them
Dr. Saurabh Bahl
enthusiastically agreed to join Bobby's vision and make "Friends for Good Health" a success story.
Dr. Am ir Aftab
Dr. Kam al Zafar
Today, we take pride in stating that our organization has served more than tens of thousands of patients in
Dr. Anuradha Dua
our first two years of serving.
Dr. Yaspal Ary a
Dr. Biren K. Patel
Dr. Ravi Shanker
The visiting doctors had to have their licenses certified by the department of health to practice in the
Dr. Prasad Chalasani
respective country. Even though the process of certification was difficult, our determination to serve our
Dr. Um adevi Chalasani
brothers and sisters with this humanitarian effort was so over whelming, that we left no stone unturned to
Dr. Manish Mam m en
but succeed.
Dr. Moby Kazm i
Dr. M.A.Mohy uddin
The doctors who joined us on this trip showed passion, dedication and professionalism, to provide the
Dr. Manoj Sadhnani
utmost medical care to all the patients.
Dr. Ranvir Jadav
Dr. Harbans Singh
Dr. Sunil Mehra
Our leading team of healthcare providers included:
Dr. Avinash Jadhav
Dr. Moham ed K. Nour
Bobby Kalotee, Carman Horan, Azad Anand, Nutan Anand, Arvind Shah, Urmilesh Arya, Vijaykumar
Dr. Diwan Laxm idhan
Shah, Ayaz Shah, Bhupendra Patel, Krishna Jhaveri, Meenakshi Jhaveri, Indu Jaiswal, Rajinder Uppal,
Dr. Ram an Kum ar
Shakir Mukhi, Kunjabala Shah, Sadia Shah, Nadia Shah, Avinash Jadhav, Kamal Zafar, Alexander
Dr. Manish Mam m en
Salcedo, Amir Khan, Sudhir Jaiswal, Numan Tyyeb, Moby Kazmi, Manish Mammen, Parul Bahl,
Dr. Gaddam D. Reddy
Randhir Bajaj, Samir Haddad, Yashpal Arya, Rafael Flores, Mohamed Nour, Xiaosi Yang, Rakesh Dua,
Dr. Dipika Doctor
Asha Dua and Dilip Dipika Doctor.
Dr. Dilip Doctor
Dr. Rakesh Dua
Dr. Asha Dua
We specially want to thank all that made this trip possible:
Dr. Prachi Dua
Ms. Dervla Kum ar
Nassau University Medical Center, Care-Med, Consul General Dagoberto Torres, Herberth Flores, Rev.
Mr. Misfer Habbash Aldossari
Marcos Dimas, Apostle Richardo Reyes, Arvind Walia, A. J. Bhumitra, Harendra Singh, Mike Himani,
Mr. Husam Abdelrahman
Ken Epstein, Mayor Will Salgado, The Ministry of Health, Apna Bazar, Kamlesh Mehta,
Ms. Indu Jaiswal RD
Gen. Mal Tarkin, Major Thomas Lawless, Bradan Lawless and many others.
Ms. Marina Vinberg
Mr. Vinny Sam uel
We are very grateful to all the media and their representatives whose contribution made this event a
Mr. Ky le Meegan
tremendous success.
Gen. Mal Tarkin
Capt. Kellee Ross
Capt. Kevin Kum ar
Capt. Ken Epstein
Capt. Tom Lawless
Capt. Brendan Lawess