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Prestige Wealth Accounting Group Now Offers Advice Tax Advice with Top Scam List
As one of the premier CPA firms in New Jersey, it is only fitting that Prestige Wealth
Accounting Group offers their clients, as well as potential clients, news and special insight into
the world of accounting. On the company website, people can now view the list of the top tax
scams, presented by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS composes the "Dirty Dozen" list
each year, alerting taxpayers to a wide range of schemes and scams that can result in theft, fraud,
and more. IRS Acting Commissioner, Steven T. Miller recently stated, "Don't let a scam artist
steal from you or talk you into doing something you will regret later."

Making its way back to the top of the list once again is identity theft. This scam experienced by
thousands of people around the world occurs when someone uses personal information of
another without permission, such as their name, Social Security number or other identification
information. In doing so, these people are committing and acting in fraud and other crimes. In an
initiative to prevent identity theft, the IRS prevented $20 billion of fraudulent refunds to be
issued. This is an improvement from $14 billion from the previous year.

Phishing, coming in at number two on the list, solicits financial information through an
unsolicited email or phony website posing as a legitimate website. Many "phishers" pose as the
IRS, contact taxpayers by email, asking for personal information. The IRS would like people to
know that they do not make contact with taxpayers by email, so people who have been "phished"
can report the receipt of unsolicited email to the IRS at [email protected] The rest of the list
include return preparer fraud, hiding income offshore, free money from the IRS and Social
Security Scam, impersonation of charitable organizations, false/inflated income and expenses,
false form 1099 refund claims, frivolous arguments to avoid paying the taxes owed, falsely
claiming zero wages, disguised corporate ownership, and misuse of trusts. To read more about
the list, please visit

About the Company:

Prestige Wealth Accounting Group is a premier accounting firm that is committed to integrity,
knowledge and offering first-class service to their clients. The company specializes in CPA
services, and has experience providing high-net-worth individuals with concepts and strategies to

help them reduce their taxes and simplify their financial life. The company is dedicated to taking
an active role in assisting people with the constantly changing tax laws.

Visit to view the redesigned website and to find out more
information on what services the NJ accountant provides.