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Prestige Wealth Management Group Announces New Study on Retirement Planning in
New Jersey

Prestige Wealth Management Group is pleased to announce new studies on retirement planning
in New Jersey. Many individuals are reviewing their current financial situation due to the
economic collapse in 2008. These individuals are finding that they may not be as ready to retire
in the near future as they thought they would be. A new study from a Bank of America Merrill
Lynch report recently found that a staggering 85% of people do not feel they have enough saved
for retirement. The same percentage of people said it would be very difficult to save enough
money to maintain their current living standards, when they finally do retire.
In regards to workplace retirement plans, an overwhelming 75% of survey respondents said they
expect to still be working well into their 60s and 70s. Workplace financial planning in NJ was an
important goal of the new study. 71% of survey respondents said that the largest or second-
largest source of retirement income would be from their workplace retirement savings plan. This
was followed by Social Security with 43% and other savings with 38%.
Other key findings of the study showed that 80% of employees said they give up 5% of their
salary if it meant they could have a steady income to assist with maintaining their current
standard of living throughout retirement. 84% of respondents said their employer provide a
401(k) match. For the first time ever, the study asked employees what they would use an
unexpected bonus of $1,000 on. The majority of respondents said they would pay down debt
(36%) For more information from the study, please visit
About the Company:
Prestige Wealth Management Group is a top wealth management firm with offices in
Flemington, NJ and Millburn, NJ, that is dedicated to assisting their clients with every aspect of
their financial lives. The company is comprised of experienced professionals, including Certified
Public Accountants (CPA), CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM, (CFP(R)), Chartered
Financial Analysts (CFA(R)), Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC(R)) and Enrolled Agents
(EA) who focus on making their clients' dreams a reality. Keeping clients focused on their
financial goals, Prestige Wealth Management Group advises them through each step of the
process. Taking responsibility for their clients' success, the company provides investment
management advice in NJ and proactive communication. On the website, visitors will find
brochures, newsletters and webcasts to help keep them informed.
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