Principles For Making Money Online Especially For Newbie

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Principles For Making Money Online Especially For Newbie's

I use the word principles here because of its emphasis. What I mean is I could use tips, or rules but rules
are broken and tips are ignored. Principles are something you really need to do if you want to succeed
online. You also need to be consistent in using these principles on a daily basis.

Whether it's a Home Business, Niche, or Retail Store the following principles apply.

1. Mentoring or Consulting is crucial especially if you are just starting out. Do your research using the
search engines and and make sure you are specific. In other words if your niche is pet products
your search term might be (mentoring for a pet store). Use several search engines and very the words
for the best results.

2. Support: You must be able to contact your Mentor or Consultant. Phone is best and online meeting
works great. Many affiliate mentoring programs have a support system and your questions are
answered in 24 hours. It is impossible for anyone to handle 1000 phone calls a day. Test the waters first
before they get your money. If they have a trial membership that's great it will give you time to test
their support system. Do not give any affiliate program or mentorship program the time of day if their
contact or support system is slow.

3. Training: Video Training is the best. Many programs with video give you the ability to look over the
shoulder of your Mentor or Coach. It is better if you are able to print out the script and follow along. The
training must be simple and easy to follow, with a short and complete marketing system. Seminars and
Conference calls are very good as well.
4. Type of Programs: You will have a ton of choices depending on your interest. I only do Affiliate
products. I only market membership products and I will tell you why. I want residual income so that I can
take a day off whenever I want to and still make money. That is the beauty of working from home. I
don't like working more than four hours a day, that's all the time I can stand being on a computer.
Remember working from home takes half as long to make twice the money.

5. Attitude: It is very important that you have a can do attitude. If you are worried all the time that you
will fail, you will. Keep a positive attitude and if you don't succeed the first time, don't quit. Try
something different! There are plenty of opportunities out there that are legit. Do not let the naysayers
around you influence you. It's better if you do not tell your friends and family until you are making

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