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Educating the whole person is a commonly heard phrase, but what does it mean? For private
schools, it means providing an appropriate balance of work and play; a chance to try new things
both inside the classroom and out; an opportunity to change and grow. Private schools encourage
students to be active participants in life.

Most private schools offer dozens of activities through the Arts, clubs, athletics, community
outreach programs and off-campus trips. Many encourage students to sample a variety of
interests by requiring participation in these programs. Other independent schools are geared to
those who plan a career in an artistic or specialized field.

Best of all, the non-academic programs are fun and a great way to make new friends.

The Arts

Interested in the Arts-theater, music, dance, writing or fine art? A strong advantage of a private
school is the ability and the funds to create their own curricula and activities, which often feature
programs in the Arts. These encompass both classes, which teach the basics, and extra curricular
activities, which encourage creativity, exploration and fun. Students have a chance to experiment
with their talent in smaller more intimate settings and then shine in larger productions.
Independent schools often hire well-known professionals in the arts as advisers, teachers or guest
lecturers. Students learn how to be the best from the best. Facilities at private schools often rival
those in the professional world and many schools routinely send their graduates onto careers in
the Arts.

Theater programs range from avant-garde, one or two person presentations to full-blown drama or
musical shows with dozens of cast members. Theater production also involves sets, costumes,
stagecraft, directing, technical expertise and writing.

Play an instrument or have a great singing voice? Or maybe you wish to learn how to write music
or experiment with the sitar. Musical programs at private schools might be just the place for your
talent to shine. Again programs range from solo classic performances to cutting edge, technology-
based musical productions. Besides singing or playing, music involves production, composing and

Love to move to the beat of the music? Then dance programs at private schools maybe the way to
hone your ability or find your rhythm. Like all artistic programs, dance ranges from individualized
recitals to major performances by large ensembles and the genre goes from classic to the latest
moves seen on the streets. Beyond performance, dance programs include production,

choreography and directing.

Writing for many is just a task but for a special few using words on a page to communicate, tell a
story or express emotion brings great satisfaction. Knowing how much students enjoy writing,
private schools offer venues from the fast-paced atmosphere of a newspaper or website to the
contemplation of literary magazines and poetry reviews. Writing programs also involve editing,
layout and production.

Want to learn how to draw, paint or sculpt? Take part in the art programs offered at private
schools. From basic drawing to glass blowing and almost everything in between, private schools
offer almost every type of art program. And many schools allow students to create their own art
program if it is not already offered. Student artwork is showcased in small one person-shows to all-
campus exhibits.

No matter the focus, the Arts are seen as a way for a student to grow, develop self-discipline, find
a lifetime interest and perhaps discover a career.


A healthy body and healthy mind go together at private schools. Athletics are an integral part of
independent school life with most requiring students to participate in a sports program. Sports
programs are seen as a way for a student to develop life skills such as leadership, integrity and
teamwork as well as a lifelong love of physical activity. Athletics also draw the whole school
community together. Because of the importance of athletics, private schools offer an amazing
number of programs from hiking to team sports, at levels from beginner through varsity leagues.

Learning from the World

Enrichment programs at top private schools go beyond to the campus, from locations in the local
neighborhood to around the world. Most private schools require community service projects and
field trips, while other offer study abroad or research programs for a semester, a year or a
summer. Designed to help a student explore the real world, the programs promote acceptance of
others and help develop a world-view. The challenge of working with other people from different
backgrounds encourages students to find added depths within themselves as make their way
through new situations under the guidance of teachers and advisers. Community service, field
trips and study aboard programs are geared to the different age and experience levels of students.


Interested in government, a foreign language, Lego, or investments? Other students are too and
have formed a school club to explore these and other interests. Clubs provide students with a way
to learn informally outside the classroom and get to know different people. Many schools
encourage students to start their own clubs if one does not exist. Private schools usually hold a
club fair at the beginning of the year so students can look over the existing clubs on campus and
decide which group to join.

Private schools offer more than just great academics, but choosing the right school can seem
overwhelming. Check out and find the right school for you.

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Private School - Discover The System That 1000's of Students are Already Using to Raise Their
ISEE Test & SSAT Test Scores! Check This Link Now

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