Problems Faced By Disabled Persons For Marriage

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Problems Faced By Disabled Persons For Marriage
People say marriages are made in heaven which appears in that way for many
people for rich and poor, beautiful and not so, educated and illiterate, urban and
rural. The only community that find difficulties is people with disabilities or
physically challenged, not one or two even in the million are finding it difficult
to get married and lead a family life.
The issues could be adding one more hurdle to persons with disabilities and
their families to make it illusive and impossible. There are many Physically
Challenged Matrimonial Sites available in the internet to find a perfect match
for according to their choice.
Growing up with a disability and the marriage have painfully become aware of
these issues, the fear of the parents with children with disabilities and thinking
the impossible that their child would be married to someone and they can
relieve themselves.
Some families who hid their children with disabilities withdraw themselves
from joining such occasions when marriages of other siblings were considered
or discussed in the so called arranged marriage processes.
Marriages among people with disabilities are considered a taboo due to social
pressures as the marriage of a person with a disability is often unthinkable.
There are number of parents seeking to get their loved ones with disabilities
married struggle with dilemma. Their pain can’t be explained.
This initiative of Physically Challenged Matrimonial Sites which helps them
carefully selected person with disabilities will be married to person with or
without disabilities, pre and post marriage counselling is provided to the
couples to live and easy and happy married life.
The physically challenged persons are one of the excluded sections of society
and they face number of problems in their daily life.
To bring them in the main stream the central as well as the state gove rnments
are should work on welfare measures and schemes. To avail these welfare
measures and the schemes, disabled people should get aware about these.
Disabled people sometimes have difficulty doing things such as travelling on
public transport, climbing stairs or even using some house hold appliances.