Professional Property Managers are Best Practice

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Professional Property Managers are Best
Whether your investment property portfolio is a single dwel ing or a
dozen or more, the best return on investment is gained when the
portfolio is professional y managed. Many owners make the mistake of
taking the attitude that 'no news is good news', and do little else but
count their cash. As long as the rent is being paid, they pay no attention
to the condition of the property or the rent prices being asked and
achieved in comparable properties in the surrounding areas.
This is a short-sighted approach. Lack of regular maintenance wil result
in the property fal ing into disrepair, attracting only tenants at the
lower end of the market. Not monitoring the current rental prices being
asked could result in the property renting for less than what could
reasonably be expected. Owners who place their valuable investment
properties in the hands of a professional agency such as Al Residential
Real Estate can be certain of getting maximum returns for minimum
Could a Self-Managing Owner Manage a Website?
The self-managing property owner would find it very difficult to match
the efficiency and professionalism of a property management agency.
In the internet age, for example, most people search online when they
want to rent a property. Management agencies have their web sites
professional y designed and positioned to attract the best tenants.
Everything is online so the enquiring tenants can view properties and
fil out inspection and application forms from their computers. A self-
managing owner would struggle to get the internet presence to attract
similar numbers of enquirers.
At Al Residential Real Estate every rental property is not just
photographed. They do videos of each property and include a full and
descriptive text that tel s the whole story. The website also includes the
facility for anyone viewing a particular property to email the

information to a third party, email the agent, book an inspection direct
from the web page and get directions using Google maps. Could a self-
managing property owner do this as wel as the best property
management Wol ongong agency?
Would a Self-Managing Owner Screen out Undesirables?
Professional agencies have rigorous processes in place to filter out
undesirable tenants at the application stage. They have access to
tenant default information databases and they check references and
employment status to make sure the applicants have a sound rental
and credit record and most important, the ability to pay the rental
being asked for a particular property. Where there is more than one
applicant for the same property, they consult with the owner who
chooses the preferred tenant.
A self-managing owner sometimes lacks the objectivity to decide which
repairs can be delayed, or those that must be done to maintain the
property. A good example is a bathroom badly needing renovation. A
self-managing owner may be reluctant to refurbish the bathroom, but
instead keeps paying for minor repairs that are just band-aid solutions.
If left for long enough, a dank, mouldy and smel y bathroom wil turn
off good tenants and result in the property being vacant for long
periods of time. A professional manager would recognise this and
discuss a better solution before rental returns are badly affected.
A professional property management agency is in business to do just
one thing - look after the interests of absentee owners. This is how
they make their living, and their reputation rises and fal s on the service
they provide to both owners and tenants. Why would you even think
about managing your own property when a quick look at
www.realestatewol sets out the whole situation for