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Fahad Al-Shareef



"Willter, pick up that chest over there! Now! " Shouted the Captain of The
Furosis Ventus Ship. "Aye aye, captain!" replied Willter. Other ships were
unloading around them. They had just arrived at the dock. Chests full of jewelry
and boxes filled with artifacts from lands far away were being lifted and carried by
the ship's crew. It was a good day for trade; all shops in the city were ready to
receive their shipments of so many different items. The Captain turned to his only
son "Off you go boy, be back before nightfall." His son landed off the ship and
started walking towards the city, where people were gathering and readying
themselves for shopping, and he was soon gone far from sight. The Captain was an
old man with a thick gray beard that went around his big chin. He had a large,
crooked nose and two heavy eyebrows that were well beyond gray.

"Captain Mallion, I see you have sailed well." Said a man's high pitched voice
behind him, he turned and faced Lord Klark, the city Mayor. "Indeed I have my
Lord," he replied. "It was an easy travel."
Lord Klark was a tall man with a thick brown mustache that covered the edges
of his thin mouth. His eyes were dark gray and his eyebrows were thin and arched.
He had long brown hair and he wore a long black robe made of silk and cotton,
with threads of gold-colored silk that went down his chest and below. He had the
city's symbol of two birds flying above an ocean pinned to his chest.
The City of Mareside, more commonly known as The City of Coin, because of the
business and trading in the area, and it's economical importance to the realm, is on
the east coast of the empire, it follows the Kingdom of Romar, ruled by the noble
and royal house of Zhaleon.
The Captain's son, Daveth, was still walking when the sun was going down. It
was the first time he saw people other than the ship's crew. He was a boy of nine,
he was skinny, and he had brown eyes, a thin mouth and a small nose. The only
thing that he had inherited from his mother was his light brown hair, and it was

the only thing he liked in himself. He was born and raised on the ship, as his
mother died giving birth to him. He knew nothing other than the ship; he lived his
entire life on it. Daveth walked and wandered, left and right he went, through the
alleyways and back to the main streets again. It was all too much for him, to see all
of this at once. After a while he found himself following a side road that led to the
other side of the ocean, he kept walking for about half an hour until finally he
reached the Kasna Beach.
Because everyone was too busy shopping in the city market, it was almost
empty except for some men who were fishing and a little girl sitting and playing
with the sand. He came close to her and sat down next to her.
"Hi, I'm Daveth, what's your name?"
"I'm Adeline," replied the little girl. She was just about his age, she had a hair
that was black and dark as night, and long-lashed blue eyes that reflected the ocean
and sun behind them, they felt trusting and kind. Her nose was small and pinched,
and her chin was balanced, not too wide and not too pointed, but her cheek bones
were high and wide, her eye brows were straight and soft on the edges. She was

very kind to him, she handed him a bucket and a shovel and said: "Do you want to
help me build this castle?"
He was confused, what did she mean by building a castle? And what is a castle
anyway? And what are these things she just gave me?
"What?" he told her. She laughed and said: "a castle silly, this one right here."
She pointed at a small pile of mud. He looked down and saw that she had
gathered some sand and dirt at one place and then poured some water over it so
that it solidified and stiffened. She had built the base of the castle by making a
square that was two feet wide and a foot tall. Daveth watched her with immense
interest as she started to shape the castle and add details to it, then he began to help
by bringing her more water from the ocean and collecting some rocks to hold it.


After a few hours of building and constructing, it was almost nightfall. He
remembered his father's words and felt scared. What would his father do to him if
he did not come back by night? He did not feel the time passing at all, he had so
much fun with Adeline, he wanted to stay here forever...
Just as he was thinking of that, a figure that was easily visible in the darkness
from a fair distance was walking towards them, Daveth saw that it held a torch in
its hand, as it came closer and closer, it became more clear to him that it was a man,
and if you'd pay attention, you could see that he was old, and he had a very slight
limp as he walked, he had a beard that covered his chin, and it was gray, and thick.
He also had eyebrows that were white and heavy, and his nose was crooked...
There was no question about it, it was his father, he stood there horror-struck and
"There you are. YOU IDIOT!"
The Captain reached out, stretched his hand, and slapped his son hard on his
right cheek. Daveth's face turned very quickly and very hard he felt it would snap.
It burned, he felt.

It was not the first time his father hit him, he had done this many times before. His
father blamed him for his mother's death, Daveth knew.

After what seemed like ages of yelling and screaming, his father turned to the little
girl and said: "I am very sorry, my lady, I assure you this well not happen
again," he said that last sentence with a stern look at his son. "I shall appreciate it
if you do not tell your father of this, lord Klark will not like it."
The captain dragged his son by his shirt, Daveth did not look forward to this night,
he knew he will be punished further when they go back to the ship. Adeline did
not speak one word, she was very afraid of the man, yet she felt sad and thought
of never seeing Daveth again. Oh how very wrong she was.