Provides carpet cleaning services

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Provides carpet cleaning services -
Carpet Cleaning & Floor Stripping in Baltimore, Maryland -
P & C Cleaning Service 2 LLC, based in Baltimore, Maryland, proudly provides carpet
cleaning as well as floor stripping services to better serve the needs of your business. We also
offer additional cleaning and restoration services to restore your property to its original quality
Floor Services
P & C Cleaning Service 2 LLC provides carpet-cleaning
services including steam cleaning, deodorizing, spot removal,
and Scotchgard(R). Our crew is even equipped to lift the carpet
to clean underneath if necessary. In addition, we offer floor-
stripping services where we strip everything off the floor seal it,
wax it, and high-speed buff the floor. Your floors are sure to
last longer after they have been properly treated.

Additional Cleaning Services
Our Company has expanded our commercial cleaning service to include water damage removal
as well as pressure washing services to better serve your needs.
Basement Flooding
P & C Cleaning Service 2 LLC promptly responds to your request for water damage removal.
We remove all the water, treat the basement for mold, and then, deodorize the area after the
carpet is cleaned providing your basement is carpeted.
Truck Pressure Washing
We complete a pre wash and scrub down the entire truck, then follow up with the high-speed
pressure washing. P & C Cleaning Service 2 LLC is equipped to pressure wash:
* 18 Wheelers
* Cargo Trucks * Tractors
* Trailers

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