Providing the highest quality cleaning service

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Providing the highest quality cleaning service
Atlanta and surrounding areas

Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Commercial Cleaning Services

The productivity level of your work force is directly proportionate to the orderliness of its
surroundings. When it comes to an office or commercial space, a fresh and pristine setting makes all the
At Showcase Cleaning, we take tremendous pride in being the very best. Our family run enterprise
specializes in commercial cleaning services and is backed by a 50 year legacy. With numerous years of
expertise, state-of-the-art technology and highly trained personnel, we are known for our industry
leading reputation. Our time tested trade secrets and attention to detail have resulted in a fine tuned,
personalized service that is unmatched.
Who We Are
Showcase Cleaning is a family owned business with over 50 years of experience in the professional
cleaning services industry. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering "large company"
service capabilities with "small company" personalization of service. Through our highly flexible and
customizable service offerings, we empower our clients with greater efficiency and enhanced time
management. As self-proclaimed "gatekeepers," we work tirelessly to present each organization with
exceptional facility maintenance, cleanliness and good health.

Clean that's also green
Showcase Cleaning utilizes biodegradable chemicals, medical grade disinfectants, and state-of-the-art
filtration devices to achieve the freshest and safest results possible. We employ decades of experience
to surpass the highest standards set within the professional cleaning industry. Our staff is armed with
the very best technology and environmentally sound practices to ensure all clients are left with a
healthy and spotless work space.
Your Schedule, Your Needs
Our janitorial services are minimally disruptive and scheduled around your day. We take great pride in
functioning behind the scenes and work closely with each client to ensure every business need is met.
Whether it's an office building, bank, church, school, car dealership, restaurant, mall or boutique, we
can make any space sparkle.
Our cleaning services are highly flexible and customizable. They include
Janitorial and Maintenance Services, Floor Care, Window Washing, Carpet Cleaning, Stone Care,
Pressure Washing
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