Qt and the Red Flag Linux Distro

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Qt and RedFlagAbout RedFlag Software• Founded in 2000, provides leading Linux products, solutions and services.• Largest Linux vendor in Asia.• More than 200 employees.• Meets ISO9001 standards.• www.redflag-linux.com1IDC: China Linux Market Share 2007Global Partner3Industrial customers•Government•Telecommunication•Insurance•Education•Post•Finance•Transportation•Electrical Power•Media4Product LinesIntroduce RedFlag Desktop•OEM Partners:•HP, DELL, Lenovo, TCL, Hasee, Hedy etc..•Global Markets:•South America:Brazil, Argentina, Portugal etc..•Asia:Russia, India etc..•European:French, Sweden etc..•Applications:•Open office, Acrobat Reader etc., •Multimedia player, include Real Player, Adobe Flash Player etc..•Email Client, Firefox, MSN, Kget tool etc..•More picture & Graphic tool such as GwenviewIntroduce RedFlag Midinux®• 1st Intel MID Linux Partner• Research since 2005, 4 years of MID Linux development experience• First MID Linux product and Best product maturity• Wide ISV support, best MID Linux ecosystem• Partners: Compal, BenQ, Hitachi, Lenovo, Aigo,CHR, SFR, TIM, .etcIntroduce RedFlag Netbook OS• Compatible with Intel Moblin v2 standard• Customized UI based on Qt platform • Multiple value-added applications written by QtIntroduce RedFlag Server - AsianuxVietsoftwareAsianuxA common Linux platform which serves the needs of Asian countries and is jointly developed by Asia's leading Linux vendors, which includes RedFlag in China, Miracle Linux in Japan, Haansoft in Korea,Vietsoftware in Vietnam and WTEC in Thailand. RedFlag is the leader of Asianux.Asianux ConsortiumAn unique consortium of Asian Linux vendors whose vision is to co-develop unified Linux platform, that is Asianux.