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Chemotherapy and radiation therapy cause a patient to become very dehydrated from the nausea and diarrhea that result
from these treatments, and also because the therapy causes uid losses into the tissues similar to what happens when
you become sick from a virus as each cell becomes inamed. Much of the inevitable malaise results from this dehydra-
tion, as well as the effects of the therapy on the cells and tissues.
During an outdoor activities expo in 1976, a runner friend, John Waller, told me about his recent experiences with what
was then called “Gookinaid E.R.G.” He had been visiting his father who was in bed recovering from a chemotherapy session
and his father was bemoaning the fact that he wanted to be working in his garden, but was too nauseous and just didn’t
feel up to it. John recalled that when he had the u a few weeks before he drank a lot of “Gookinaid,” starting with a few
sips at a time, and that it had dispelled the feelings of nausea and lassitude. So, he made up a glassful and left it with his
father while he straightened the house up a bit. After about 20 minutes he heard a noise in the backyard and went to see
what it was. There was his father in his pajamas working in the garden! Since then, hundreds of people and their families
have reported similar results. Some of the American Leukemia Society pediatric wards give VITALYTEto the children
recovering from chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The kids are so pathetic lying listless in their beds, feeling “lousy” with
the malaise, and have to be persuaded to drink anything, but after a few sips, they drink the VITALYTE down. Before the
nurses get to the end of the ward, they have to go back and put some of the rst children back in bed!
Mild, isotonic VITALYTE not only replaces the water and electrolytes rapidly, it does so without upsetting your stomach;
actually, because of this mildness and isotonicity, VITALYTE is very effective in relieving an upset stomach. This formulation
also ensures that most of the solution will be absorbed quickly into the circulatory system and stay there where it can keep
you hydrated rather than being excreted, as happens with plain water.
Drink VITALYTE frequently to rehydrate and stay hydrated, to replace the vital electrolytes, to reduce the malaise and
settle the gastrointestinal upset and to make you feel so much better!
By: Bill Gookin, No. 11 in a series of occasional reports on wellness and dehydration
Helen M., survivor and VITALYTE user.
* For 40 years athletes have known us as Gookinaid, but we are not just a drink for athletes.
Now the world knows us as Vitalyte™, a drink for everyone. Same fast, effective formula...band new name!
**This article is the opinion, advice and testimonial of the author and your results may vary. If you have a medical
condition involving dehydration or electrolyte imbalance, you should consult a physician before following this advice.
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