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Ramadaan Masjid Surprise Box
Step 2
This step is important!!
You must figure out the size of each square:
20 - 6 = 3.3 - 0.5 = 2.8 (2.5")
13 - 5 = 2.6 - 0.5 = 2.1 (2")
days in each row
space between
box width - 6 = ? - 0.5 = ?
box height - 5 = ? - 0.5 =?
Step 1 You will need a large shirt box.
number of rows
Mine measures:
20" wide
13" high
So your box compartments will be 2.5" x 2"
2.5" deep
with a 0.5" space between

Step 3
Mark out your lines along the Width and Height of the box.
... ALWAYS STARTING with a 0.5" space.
Step 4
Step 5
Draw out your lines, so it looks like the above image.
Using an exacto knife, cut along the dotted line.
You should ONLY be cutting THREE sides.
Step 6
Place your ruler at the top of the UNCUT line,
and using the non-sharp edge of your exacto knife
Step 7
run it along the ruler. This is to score it, NOT to cut it
Once all squares are cut and scored, they should
so it folds easily.
look like the pictures above.

Step 8
Using a sturdy card board (like the kind children's toys come in) cut:
- 4 boards measuring: 2.5" x 20"
- 5 boards measuring: 2.5" x 13"
So this is:
- depth of your box x width
- depth of your box x height
Step 9
Step 10
You need to mark out each board.
In the CENTER of the 0.5" space cut a slit (leaving a 0.5" space at the top)
ALWAYS start and END with a 0.5" edge
DO NOT cut the edge spacing.
- for the 20" board it's 0.5", 2.5" etc.
- the 20" board should have 5 cuts
- for the 13" board it's 0.5", 2" etc.
- the 13" board should have 4 cuts
Step 11
Slot the pieces together.
Step 12
(i.e: push the 20" board slit into the 13" board slit)
It should look like the above image once complete.
Place slots into box and tape to box.
Make sure they are flush at the top, and tape together.
If measured correctly each board should fit in the 0.5" center of
the box.

Step 13
Step 14
Cut shapes out of cereal boxes.
Paint box to resemble bricks. This does not need
- a dome
to be done so neatly.
- 2 minaret tops
- a flat brush and gold paint was used here.
- moon
Step 15
Step 16
Decorate dome and moon by covering in pretty
Use cereal boxes to make tubes approximately 22" high.
wrapping paper, or tissue paper.
Cover tubes in wrapping paper, and decorated minaret tops.
Tape moon onto dome.
Tape minarets to each side of the box.
Tape dome to box curving it slightly.

Step 17
Cut little window shapes, no bigger than 2.5"x2"
Number from 1 to 30.
Step 18
Glue little windows onto box sections.
Make small tabs (shown in purple) and
attach at the edge of the box - this will
help to open the box.
Step 19
Before closing, fill each box with a surprise for your child.
This box is for three children.
One child is only 2 years old, so I've put a candy in for her.
The other two children will get a candy as well as
a piece of paper where they will write their charity
(sadaqa) for the day - in hopes they will learn about
giving, and realize how much they can accomplish in a month.
Thank you for downloading this PDF. Insha'Allah it will be a benefit to your child
or children this Ramadaan.
If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]
If you visit my blog there are other ideas of what to add in the box: