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Raviv Dozetas Comes up With the Best Designs in the Construction Field
There are very few people who can make it to the top in the field of Architectural D esign and
Technology and Raviv Dozetas is one such person who has not only managed to achieve this
feat but also has done it at a very young age. This young man from South Africa has managed
to make a name for himself in the field of Architecture and has now become a Property
Director. Apart from being a Property Director, he is also a blogger. Two other people have
now teamed up with Raviv Dozetas Landlord to start their journey in the construction
industry. One of the two young and dynamic persons is Jibran Hussain. Hussain is 22 years
old. He is a graduate and has done his Civil and Architectural Engineering from Nelson,
Lancashire. The other person is Hassan Sohail. Sohail is about 24 years old and has also
joined his hands with raviv dozetas. Sohail has done his graduation in the field of
Architectural Design and Technology from Gatley, Cheshire. Sheer dedication, hard work
and passion of this team have yielded very good results within a very short time frame. The
team skyrocketed to fame with their wonderful architectural designs. The team is very
famous in the construction field and also has a very good reputation.
The team keeps pace with the ever changing technology and makes sure to adopt the latest
technology available in the construction field. One such example that showcases the technical
brilliance of the team is the recently designed link bridge. The bridge uses the latest and the
state of the art technology in designing the link bridge. The link bridge connects Peel Park
and the Crescent (A6). The ahead of times bridge runs over the Irwell. The design was very
well received and appreciated by the members of the Salford City Council. People have now
become emotionally attached to the bridge that would soon become a reality as it is
considered to connect several communities and bring people together. The quality of the life
of people would improve substantially. The bridge has strobes of light. The light w ould beam
from it because of which, people would be able to see the bridge even in the night from a far
off distance. Apart from winning a lot of acclaim from the Salford City Council, the design
has also fetched the team with Hays Prize for the best final-year research project from the
School of Built Environment. The city council has also made a public announcement that all
the elements of the design would be incorporated during the construction of the bridge.