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Bangalore Properties – A Good-value pick

The advent of the IT industry in India in the 1980’s, and globalization of Indian
market for various economic and cultural reasons, have seen a tremendous
change in the land and asset value, across the country. Cities which were once,
laid back and hardly noticed have become more prominent than ever.

Bangalore has been the most promising among them. It has indeed earned a
coveted place in the international arena with its landmark progress in the field of
Biotechnology, fashion designing, hospitality, real estate, education and it has
grown in such pace that it has become “the Mecca of IT industry” in a span of
three decades. The once “pensioners paradise” has transformed to the third
fastest growing city in Asia, with all the major IT giants setting up their offshore
centers in here.

The never before migration of IT crowds towards Bangalore for vocation has
seen a tremendous increase in construction of residential apartments and
commercial properties. The migrating population in Bangalore is expected to
grow from 5 million in 2010 to 10 million by 2015.

The pleasant weather, pleasing sight of Gardens has lured populace all over, and
even the expatriates, who have moved in here on job, have been charmed by this
metropolis and want to settle down in here. This has indeed boosted the real
estate industry as never before.

The formation of the Greater Bangalore in 2007 by the government is a blessing
for investors and property seekers. The International airport has attracted more
and more commercial property ventures, thus paving way for satellite towns.
Several top realtors have announced new launches, and investing in one such
would be a good value pick.

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