Real Estate

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How we work with a real estate agency
What is the steps that follow and what to be careful

Activity estate agent and housing agency are governed by the law of the Founding companies
and OG3/2000 activity and legal obligations of the real estate agent. Unfortunately this is
somewhat lucrative in that it is full of confusion and inconsistency in fact a law regulating an
economic activity with profound implications.

In practice, real estate agencies concerned have adopted the code of ethics and good practice so
that you can solve your real estate problem safely, quickly and professionally.

Practice real estate market in Romania has imposed a so-called double estate agent can represent
both the buyer as well as seller. Dual representation by an agency requires knowledge and
consent of both parties, seller and buyer. In fact, the double is committed to serve the interests of
both parties. This happens throughout the execution of the transactions. Real estate agent
commission is paid by the seller so the buyer as well. The amount of commission is usually
located between 3-5% and divided between buyer and seller. Fees to rent stands at around one
month's rent. If you are working with an agent, you have two options: you can work with an
agent regimen or exclusive brokerage agreement with an agent you can work in open brokerage
contract regime.

Serious estate agencies offer customers the full range of real estate services in addition to
presenting property offers consulting, market research, evaluation and assistance at closing.
Thus, when you cross the threshold of a good agency, you know that its employees will show
you many homes (first photos, sketches or video, followed by watching the field), will inform the
market evolution (is expensive, it is cheaper housing) and will tell you if the asking price is
justified or not compared to demand.

Choosing a real estate agent

Theoretically, a real estate company must find qualified personnel to ensure your safety and
optimal conditions for the transaction, and any deviation of a real estate agent for the exclusion
of the guild. But it is not always so.

First, the agency must be easy to identify. The company must have a permanent office, to be
signaled (with firm entry), have an office set up as a public work, the secretariat, as well as a
meeting room, where we can discuss the details privately with clients about payment, money,
privacy, etc.. Agencies must be prepared, polite, ready to provide all possible support. It is well
that it should be affiliated to a trade union, where I can check work, if he had or not and if it is
accredited deviations. The known association of real estate agencies is ARAI (Romanian

Association of Real Estate Agencies). We believe that ultimately the most important factor is the
trust which I inspire people from that agency. However, it is not mandatory accreditation.

Beware of ghost agents (are those who change their place of business at least twice a year to
avoid being found by customers cheated). They can not be called even for real estate agencies
are only three to four crooks in a studio or an apartment block. Some of them have perfectly
legal acts (evolved and learned to adapt). In the absence of appropriate legislation, there are all
sorts of shady characters that have the sole purpose of deceiving the gullible. Today the real
estate market realtors serious known and famous, but many people want to not pay commission
(realtors do volunteer work), or pay as little (not to appreciate the work and efforts of Realtors),
so enter the hands of crooks - ghost agents - they promise very low commission or fee 0%.

Steps to follow when working with a real estate agency

If you want to sell a property, contact the real estate agency and show offer more details, consult
your real estate agent on the price you want (the interest is mutual - both parties willing to obtain
a price as possible, but real), ask the agent name and provide a phone number and times when
you can find at that number. After you have taken the offer was included in the database and the
agency agreed to represent the building by the agency, following a real estate agent to watch the
property. To view the agent might ask you to sign a contract viewing (to justify the business
hours that missed or to make additions to the database of the agency) or an exclusive contract
(this contract is the actually pay the agency for a period of 1-3 months exclusivity that you will
not work with other real estate agents as the company that wants the contract invests in
advertising your property and find potential buyers). If you have signed an exclusive contract
and then do not follow assume you pay the fee or penalties mentioned in the contract.
Uramtor step is the estate agent comes with potential customers to present building. You may
have luck the first customer is the one who wants to buy the property but do not worry, the real
estate agent because accurate and complete information to selected customers that fit best with
your bid if you understand the selling price , go to the agency for signing preliminary contract (it
is very important that preliminary and without it is almost impossible to sell).
At the preliminary owner of the property comes with original documents and ID (the one that
comes from preliminary to seller must be one of the owners or have a power of attorney that
specifies what the mandated owner).

Brokerage contract (pre-contract or pre-contract) signed by real estate agency in case of a real
estate transaction shall be prepared in triplicate and must include:

agency letterhead (company name, address, telephone number and fax number of the Trade
Registry, Tax Code)
registration number of the contract

ending date
name and identification data owners and customers
home under contract (complete address and mode of acquisition thereof by the owners, under
whose acts)
price at which complete the transaction agreed between the parties
Estate agency commission (usually between 3% and 5% + VAT transaction value paid by both
parties: the owner and client).
deadline by which the transaction is concluded to the notary
penalties to be paid by negligence of a party or the other
contractual obligations and responsibilities for each party
original signature of the client, owner and real estate company representative
original stamp and part of the real estate company if necessary

At the conclusion of the mediation agreement to pay an advance by the client (which often
remain onsite for security transaction) and the owner leaves the original documents to be
checked and prepared for the sale - purchase the notary. If the transaction can not be completed
by the fault of the owner (if the owner hides and buyer agency that has a mortgage or a
command) the client can easily recover the advance given (and then any compensation if deemed
necessary ). The owner leaves the original documents that can be filed only in the court of law
for land book extract (until the end vanzarecumparare notary contract is drafted a report or
specified in the preliminary provisions that remain in agency).
Brokerage contract only ends headquarters building (thus see where is located and if they have).
In the agency must be displayed in a visible place its commission, company registration
certificate, license or certificate of any member of a professional association or union property.

Estate agency is not "firm recovery" and does not assume responsibility if the owner took the
advance and spend without having to be able to return. There are special cases where each case
has a separate resolution.

When all documents are prepared for apartamente de vanzare bucuresti at the notary, signing and
will only receive money in front of a notary public.