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How to obtain a California real estate license?
California real estate license
The people who want to start their career in a good way in California can choose real estate
business. Nowadays lots of agents are earning more money through real estate business. Before
starting a business you must acquire a license in California. To obtain a license in real estate
market the following requirements are needed.
Eligibility criteria
The person who is applying for a license must be an 18 years old and must be an occupier of
United States. The Applicants who is not from California can still able to get the approval from
the department of real estate to process the ca real estate business.
Constraint Character
He or she should not be involved in any criminal activities. The license will get denied if he or
she is trying to conceal a criminal record. You must afford fingerprints to the branch of real
estate and fee should be paid by the applicant.
Requirement of Qualification
The person can get license without entailing any experience. Though, the person must complete
the courses while applying for a California real estate license. Applicant should complete the
study about real estate morality and an optional course before applying for a license. They need
to get practice in real estate.
Two diverse licenses are available that are, salesperson's license and a broker's license. The
applicant must complete real estate course and it is necessary to get through in state exam to get
a salesperson's license. The license will allow you to act as a sales agent and also you will be
handling the property administration activities. To get a broker's license they must complete
broker's course and they should get through in a salesperson's licensing test. However, they need
at least three years experience in real estate industry