RebrandPress 2.0 Review - 80% Discount and $26,800 Bonus

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RebrandPress 2.0 Review: Lets make a change and
step up your earnings and business today!
RebrandPress 2.0:
RebrandPress 2.0 allows you to take total control of the WordPress dashboard of your
products and themes so that you may rebrand them as your own! They have added
significant features that you can use to fully customize and manage your dashboard in a
It is a bigger and more feature loaded version of the top selling WordPress plugin that
lets you customize your WordPress install with the branding of your product or service.
Aside from the important and great features mentioned above, they have improved and
developed the features that you loved on the first version of RebrandPress.
RebrandPress 2.0's Key Features:
Full WordPress Rebrand Capability
Get full control of your WordPress install dashboard for any theme, product or service.
Easily change login screen setup, add a bright color schemes, hide & show dashboard
sections and many more incredible features.
Automatically Creates ALL of the Pages
RebrandPress 2.0 gives you options to automatically create all pages for your websites,
from About Page, Contact Page, Legal Pages and More! No extra theme installation
needed to be installed, RebrandPress 2.0 have this option under the hood.
Automatically Deletes Default WordPress References
Make the WordPress dashboard entirely your own by customizing it based on your
products and services. With RebrandPress 2.0 you have the ability to customize how
your dashboard to make it your own by removing all WordPress references like posts,
pages and comments.
Full Control of User Preferences
Manage, choose and set capabilities for single or multiple users that have access to the
WordPress install dashboard of your product.
Installs MULTIPLE Plugins at Once
RebrandPress 2.0 now supports and gives you the ability to install multiple WordPress
plugins from zip folders and URLS that would help your products functionality.
Add Categories, Multiple Blank Pages and Posts
With this awesome upgrade to RebrandPress you can now add multiple categories that
works for your product and blank pages and posts that you can easily update anytime.
Color Scheme Options
With RebrandPress you have the capacity to change how your dashboard looks to suit
your own product or service. With the color scheme options, you get to showcase a
unique WordPress dashboard.
Installs MULTIPLE Themes at Once
With RebrandPress 2.0 you get to install multiple themes at once on your dashboard
and activate them respectively and make them available to select users. A powerful
feature to fully ensure a better user experience.
SEO Meta Data Options
Ability to add SEO tags and meta data options to boost your online presence and visits
Theme Switch
Select from multiple themes available and easily switch to it without the hassle of coding
Change Login Logo
Give a good impression by putting your brand on the front line for your customers to see
Change Admin Header
Fully customizable header logo that you can change to your company or product logo
Delete Added Categories
They made it easy for you to remove things such as categories that you have added on
the dashboard
Delete Themes
Deleting and adding theme is a breeze, no need to spend hours or minutes to do so