Red Rings of Death Repair Guide

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Red Rings of Death Repair Kit Installation Guide  Xbox 360
This tutorial is to aid you in the instal ation of a Red Rings of Death Repair Kit. This
tutorial covers the instal ation of Bamzorz
the kit and should be done exactly as shown in the guide.
This instal ation requires access to the insides of your Xbox 360. It is therefore
recommended that you read through the instructions and ful y understand them before
you begin with the instal ation.
DISCLAIMER: Proceed with installation at your own risk. I shall not be held
responsible for any damage incurred to yourself, Xbox 360 console or any other
equipment used. Your warranty will be voided upon opening the console, which

is required to access its inside components.
Required Tools:

Torx T8 Screwdriver (philips style)

Torx T10 Smal flat bladed Screwdriver

Selotape or equivalent

Pliers/Adjustable Spanner

Red Rings of Death Repair Kit

Step One: Start by checking your kits contents with the list below:

8 Pan Head Screws

16 Nylon Washers

8 Steel Washers

8 Carbon Steel Spring Washers

1 Sachet of Thermal Paste
Step Two: How to Open the Xbox 360
Now we will open up the console. To do this, first remove the HDD Drive from
the console in the usual manner. Next remove the Xbox 360 faceplate. Tip: Put
your finger in the USB slot opening and gently pull off the faceplate. It should
pop right off nice and safely.
The next part of opening your console involves removing the grey coloured
panels that book end the console on either side.
You will notice a series of small holes on either side of the console near the
grey side panels. On each side there are 6 clips that hold the grey end panels on
to the case. Using a small screwdriver (or equivalent) you can release all 6 clips
by putting the screwdriver into the relevant holes whilst gently pulling up on
the side panel at the same time.
I have attached a picture below of where these clips are located.
Picture shows console from the right side, laying flat like it normally would.

Picture shows console from the left side, laying flat like it normally would.
You need to remove the small pad to access the hole.

This can be a tricky process, just stick at it! Soon the grey end panels will be
removed and you can move on to the next part of the guide.

Now that both grey panels have been removed from the console, it's time to
open up the case!
Start this by releasing the clips located at the front of the console with a small
screwdriver. Your console should look like the picture:
See how the clips have been released. The warranty sticky will have to be
removed too. Turn over the Xbox 360 console and you will see the following:

This next part requires you to begin on the power socket side of the console as
seen in the picture. Insert the small screwdriver into each slot whilst applying
light pressure under the top and bottom of the case to release each tab.
Repeat the same procedure for the other tabs

After all the tabs have been released, you should be able to easily remove the
bottom half of the console casing. You should see the following:
All the screws circled in red are to be removed with a T10 screwdriver. Once
removed move onto the yellow screws with your T8 screwdriver.
Turn over the console and remove the DVD eject mechanism as shown below.
It should just clip out with a bit of gentle pressure.

Carefully remove the top part of the console casing to expose the insides of
your Xbox 360.
The next part is to remove the DVD drive. This is done by lifting it out of the
console and disconnecting the Power and SATA cable.

Remove the Air Scoop by inserting your small screwdriver into the tab circled in
red. You should then be able to lift the scoop out of the console.
Next remove the fans by disconnecting the connecting clip from the
motherboard as circled below:

To unclip the fans from the casing, prize up the metal above the tabs on the
fans and then pull them out.
Next part is to remove the RF Board / Power Button from the front of the
console. Unclip the white cover and then remove the three T8 screws. You
should be able to then remove the board.
Unclip here and then remove the 3 screws.
Next remove the motherboard from the casing by sliding it out.