Remarry BR Drives via psx-scene

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During this document you will notice several mentions to Lv2diag.self. There
are currently 4 versions. If you download a pack, I would advise you to keep
each Lv2diag.self inside its own folder so you know what it is for.

You will need more than one of these (normally 3 of the 4 at least)
Versions are:
Original: This is also known as Lv2diag.self (file1) used in the initial
downgrades that were done near the end of 2010. Around 366KB in size.

Exit: This is also known as Lv2diag.self(file2).This is a file used on it’s own to
exit “Factory Service Mode”. Around 202KB in size.

Modified: This version lets you downgrade from firmware 3.55. The file is
almost identical to the first, but with some very slight internal modifications.
Around 366KB in size.

Current: This is the version that allows us to remarry drives. Around 558KB in

1. I Have Firmware 3.56 or higher
2. I have Firmware 3.55
3. I am Already on Firmware3.15 or below
4. What is downgrading
5. How do I get into “Factory Service Mode” (FSM)
6. How do I marry drives to consoles
7. 256meg Fat owners – READ THIS
8. I have a 16meg PS3 – So now what
9. Blu-Ray playback recovery

Troubleshooting – Where to get help

1) Firmware 3.56 or higher
If you are on firmware 3.56 or higher, then at this time you are out of luck and basically
stuck there. Give up now & wait until you hear news of working ways to downgrade from
3.56 or higher. Entering factory service mode on a 3.56 or higher machine will mean you
cannot exit service mode at this time. Your console will be stuck.

2) Firmware 3.55
If you have firmware 3.55 you will need to downgrade using a special set of downgrade files
before you can continue. These files are:
1. Lv2diag.self (file1)
2. Lv2diag.self (file2) - This file exits FSM
3. Custom 3.41 PUP – This PUP file tricks the PS3 into thinking it is upgrading to
working-74803/ for full info and the files required to downgrade a 3.55 PS3, to a lower

3) Firmware 3.15 or lower
If you are already on firmware 3.15 or below, then you can just jump right in. If you have a
256meg Fat PS3
, then read the section on that FIRST.

4) Downgrading
Downgrading is a process used to lower the firmware of your PS3 to something we can
use/exploit for our own use. Originally the downgrade was used to get users from firmware
higher then 3.41 due to the ability to jailbreak being removed initially in 3.42.
To downgrade you will need a dongle to put your PS3 into what is known as “Factory Service
Mode” (FSM). Dongles come in many forms, from AVR USB devices to PSP & Iphone/Ipod
etc. Do a Google search for “PS3 Dongle” to give you an idea.

5) Factory Service Mode

First you must flash your chosen device with a version of PsGrade (zAxis) onto your
device, and then follow the instructions relevant to your chosen method. The reason I
will not specifically cover them all is there are just too many.
Link to info:
Follow all the information on that link & fire up the PS3 using the instructions as well as
your chosen device.
Ok, so now you have what is known as FSM. Your PS3 will be able to start up, but look like it
is in a very low resolution as well as now having a red box on the screen to tell you, you are
now in FSM.

6) Remarry Blu-RAY (BD) Drives

Link to files provided by savage007:
Take a blank FAT32 formatted USB flash drive and copy the entire contents from the
folder called “DEV_USB000”. Do not copy the DEV_USB000 folder itself.
On your USB flash drive you should now have:
1. Lv2diag.self
2. fdm_spu_module.self
3. manufacturing_updater_for_reset.self
4. cfg (folder) with a file called standalone.cfg (this file is important)
Once it is all there, open the CFG folder on your USB flash drive and edit the standalone.cfg
file inside using any text editor. Notepad will do this just fine.
At the bottom of the file you will see :
#=== ‚»‚Ì‘¼€–Ú‚ÌŽÀs‚Ì—L–³ ===================
# WLAN,BTŒŸ¸‚ÌŒã‚ÉŽÀs‚³‚ê‚é

# Drive Init
# 0 = ŽÀs‚µ‚È‚¢
# 1 = ŽÀs‚·‚é

# Install Systemsoftware
# 0 = ŽÀs‚µ‚È‚¢
# 1 = ŽÀs‚·‚é
# freebdp
# 0 = ŽÀs‚µ‚È‚¢
# 1 = ŽÀs‚·‚é
# Install Systemsoftware ‚ÅŽg—p‚·‚éUpdater–¼

The two settings to change here are:
1. Drive Init (0 or 1)
2. Install System Software (0 or 1)

Placing a “0” in either spot will cause the program to ignore the action. Placing a “1” in
either spot will cause it to do the action.

If you have your console is already at or below firmware 3.15, then you only need to do the
“Drive Init” and do not need to use the option to install system software again.

This process is very simple once you have done it.. It just looks more involved than it really

Ok, so now we should have the console in FSM, the files have all been put onto a FAT32
formatted USB flash drive & the standalone.cfg file edited to do what we want.
Insert the USB flash drive into the PS3 USB port closest to where the Blu-Ray dive is (furthest
right). With the PS3 in standby mode (solid red light) press the power button and allow it to
boot up.
You will now see a new grey screen with writing. This will display what is going on so you
can watch it.

If you set the “Drive Init” to “1”, then you will see it on screen. If there is a disc in the drive,
then the PS3 will eject it before the process begins. There are only 2 results that will be
displayed, Pass or Fail.
If you set the “Install System Software” option to “1” you will see that on screen. There are
only 2 results that will be displayed, Pass or Fail.

If you get a “Fail” then check the troubleshooting section at the bottom.
If you get a “Pass” then all should be good and you can exit FSM using the Lv2diag.self (file
2) on its own. Just copy that one file to your USB stick (or keep a second one with just that
file on it)

Once the PS3 has exited from FSM, boot it up and you should now be able to play discs. If
you have a 256meg Fat PS3, then see the section for it.

7) 256Meg Fat Owners Read This

If you have a 256meg Fat Ps3 & have just replaced either the drive as a complete unit, or
just the controller board, then chances are you will not know the history of the unit &
will not be able to restore Blu-Ray playback at this time.
If you do know the history of the drive/controller, then when the procedure is completed,
you will need to copy the correct DRL files from your PC to the PS3.
If you have a 256meg version that originally lost its ability to play Blu-Ray movies from the
first round of downgrades and the drive is already matched up, this procedure will not
restore your Blu-Ray playback.

8) 16Meg PS3 Owners Read This
If you have a 16meg PS3, then you will be able to restore Blu-Ray playback without knowing
the history of the drive. The PS3 will just accept the discs and play them.

9) Blu-Ray Playback Recovery
This is a work in progress right now. There are several people working on it, and news will
be posted the second anything changes.

10) Troubleshooting
We have a thread running at PSX-Scene right now. A lot of idea’s are being thrown around
and chances are a quick search there will give you the specific answer you need.
Please do not just go there and post a question that has been asked and answered
repeatedly. Chances are it will be ignored by all involved.

The thread can be found here:

I would like to extend a huge thankyou to all devs in the PS3 scene.
Mega hiper ultra fantastico Team
Graf –The Machine-Chokolo
And the list goes on =)
Thankyou all.