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Front Loaders vs Top Loaders - which is best?
Front Loaders vs Top Loaders - which is best?
This is a question that I ask al the time, so for al you out there thinking something similar then let me help. I have
been doing some research and to start with there is the obvious difference - top loaders have the washing drum
sitting upwards with the agitator in the middle so the water is pushed through and amongst al the items. The front
loader, as the name suggests means you load
So why confuse us with the two types?
Here is a little table comparing the two types so we can see a lot more clearly what the differences are and which
one would suite you.
Top Loader
Front Loader
Not great - uses a ful drum of water every time
Better! - uses a third of the water of
a top loader
Can't have anything stacked on top i.e a dryer
The best! - Can be paired with a
dyer to save space
Clothing Life The best! Because you put the clothes in top - gravity does
Not great - the agitators in these
the work and not the machine so clothes last longer
can be rough and damage clothes
Cost to buy
More Expensive
Cost to Use
Great! Using less water and energy
saves on those bil s!
Convenience Better - Don't need to bend down to load
Hmm - requires you to bend down
or kneel to fil up

Forgot an
Better - you can easily open the lid last minute and add in
Not great - Once a front loader
whatever you have forgotten
starts there is no stopping it!
Good - You can stil buy a top loader but they are becoming Better - There are lots of high
less popular
quality front loaders to choose from

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