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Renub Research
Thailand Medical Tourist Arrivals, Medical
Tourism Market & Forecast to 2015
Publisher: Renub Research
Published: April, 2012

Thailand is the leader in medical tourist arrivals holding more than 40% share in Asia medical
tourist arrivals in 2011. Its medical tourism market was around US$ 2 Billion in 2011 and it is
expected to be more than double by 2015. Thailand has world-class medical facilities with its
high-profile private hospitals and clinics. Thailand has been one of the favorite medical
tourism destinations for all over the world. This may be primarily due to the cultural heritage,
state-of-the-art medical facilities, personalized hospitality and reasonable medical costs. The
country takes pride in having the first hospital to receive the first JCI accreditation in Asia. It
has highest number of JCI accredited hospitals in Asia.

Renub Research report titled "Thailand Medical Tourist Arrivals, Medical Tourism Market &
Forecast to 2015" provides a comprehensive analysis of the Thailand Medical tourism market
covering in detail various aspects such as foreign patients' arrivals, revenue from foreign
patients, competitive landscape and market share of the foreign patients' arrivals & revenue
from foreign patients. The report also entails major drivers and roadblocks of Thailand medical
tourism market.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

Number of medical tourists arrival in Asian countries (India, Thailand, Malaysia, South
Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines)
Medical Tourism market in Asian countries (India, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea,
Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines)
Number of medical tourists arrival in Thailand
Medical Tourism market in Thailand
Major Drivers and Roadblocks of Medical Tourism in Thailand

Data Sources

This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and
secondary research and in-house analysis by Renub Research team of industry experts.

Primary sources include industry surveys and telephone interviews with industry experts.

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Secondary sources information and data has been collected from various printable and non-
printable sources like search engines, News websites, Government Websites, Trade Journals,
White papers, Government Agencies, Magazines, Newspapers, Trade associations, Books,
Industry Portals, Industry Associations and access to more than 100 paid databases.

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(c) Thailand Medical Tourist Arrivals, Medical Tourism Market & Forecast to 2015
Renub Research, 2012
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Asia Medical Tourism Overview
Asia Medical Tourist Arrivals & Forecast
Asia Medical Tourism Market & Forecast
Thailand Medical Tourist Arrivals Share, Medical Tourism Market Share & Forecast (in Asia)
Thailand Medical Tourist Arrivals Share & Forecast in Asia
Thailand Medical Tourism Market Share & Forecast
Thailand Medical Tourism Overview
Medical Tourist Arrivals
Medical Tourism Market
Thailand Medical Tourism Cost Analysis in Comparison to USA & UK
Cardiac/Heart Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Dental Tourism
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
Thailand Medical Tourism Growth Drivers
Thailand Offers Excellent Service in Medical Tourism
Thailand's Medical Technology is State-of-the-Art
Thailand Features Internationally Accredited Medical Facilities
Digital Marketing Campaign
Bloggers Invited for Thailand Medical Tourism Blog Contest
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Introduces `Amazing Thailand' Mobile Application
Thailand Medical Tourism Challenges
Political Unstable State
Thailand Tourism Sector Hit Hardest By the Floods

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List of Figures:

Figure 2-1: Asia - Medical Tourism Arrivals (Number), 2008 - 2011
Figure 2-2: Asia - Forecast Medical Tourism Arrivals (Number), 2012 - 2015
Figure 2-3: Asia - Medical Tourism Market (Million US$), 2008 - 2011
Figure 2-4: Asia - Forecast for Medical Tourism Market (Million US$), 2012 - 2015
Figure 3-1: Thailand - Medical Tourist Arrivals Share in Asia (Percent), 2008 - 2011
Figure 3-2: Thailand - Forecast for Medical Tourist Arrivals Share in Asia (Percent), 2012 - 2015
Figure 3-3: Thailand - Medical Tourism Market Share in Asia (Percent), 2008 - 2011
Figure 3-4: Thailand - Medical Tourism Market Share in Asia (Percent), 2012 - 2015
Figure 4-1: Thailand - Medical Tourist Arrivals (Number), 2002 - 2011
Figure 4-2: Thailand - Forecast for Medical Tourist Arrivals (Number), 2012 - 2015
Figure 4-3: Thailand - Medical Tourism Market (Million US$), 2004 - 2011
Figure 4-4: Thailand - Forecast for Medical Tourism Market (Million US$), 2012 - 2015
Figure 5-1: Thailand - Cost Comparison of Cardiac Surgery (US$), 2011
Figure 5-2: Thailand - Cost Comparison of Orthopedic Surgery (US$), 2011
Figure 5-3: Thailand - Cost Comparison of Dental Treatments (US$), 2011
Figure 5-4: Thailand - Cost Comparison of Cosmetic Surgery (US$), 2011
Figure 6-1: Thailand - JCI Accreditated Hospitals, 2012
Figure 6-2: Thailand - CCPC Certificate Hospitals, 2012
Figure 6-3: Website Screen Shot
Figure 6-4: Thailand - Thailand Medical Tourism Blog Contest, 2010
Figure 6-5: Thailand - Amazing Thailand Mobile Application

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