Report Essentials in the ITSM Process Areas

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Report Essentials in the ITSM Process Areas
An IT service organization that is well managed delivers excellent IT services by reducing the risks and maximizing the returns,
while concurrently accomplishing enterprise goals. To establish a reputation, it is necessary that an organization concentrate on
all process areas of IT service management or ITSM. This can be achieved by making use of visual reports. The quality of the
service operations, service delivery, distribution of IT assets etc., in the organizations can be evaluated with the help of graphical
and non-graphical reports. The benefit of reports include Accelerated decision-making processes, Increased organizational
control on IT services, Enhanced problem- solving ability across the organization, Generation of new evidences in support of a
decision, Creation of a competitive advantage, Automation of managerial processes etc.

Essentials of Reports pertaining to the various ITSM process areas

Service Request Management

The process of managing a service request from submission through delivery is known as service request management. An
efficient ITSM solution should include a SRM constituent that facilitates an IT service request to be dependably presented,
routed, accepted, monitored, and delivered. It should also include pre-defined reports that enable organizations to manage

Incident Management reports

Any event that disturbs a normal service operation can be termed as an `incident'. Restoring the normal service operations that
follow an incident, is what is required from an incident management solution. Ideally the solution needs to facilitate Incident
detection and reporting, Incident classification, Investigation and diagnosis, Resolution and recovery, Incident closure and
Incident ownership.

Problem Management Reports
When numerous incidents display the same symptoms, it can be termed as a problem. Problems can be identified from a single
significant incident, demonstrating an error with an unknown cause, but with an important impact. Resolving the origin of
incidents is the objective of a Problem Management solution, it also looks at reducing the adverse impact of incidents and
problems on the business. A well-managed IT services organization must implement proactive processes that identify and work
out problems even before incidents arise.

Change Management
The process of planning and coordinating implementation of all changes in the development environment in a logical way is
what is known as the change management process. A good change management solution should reduce the adverse impact of
necessary changes on system integrity, security, and SLAs. It should also co-ordinate and plan changes in order to provide a
stable development environment and capitalize on the productivity of people involved in planning and implementation of

For a meaningful and easy- to-understand report for any aspect of ITSM, it is best to choose a single consistent reporting
framework. It should have the capacity to combine data from all sources, including your business operational systems, as well as
other forms of business knowledge.

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