Requirement & Benefits of Network Outsourcing

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Requirement & Benefits of Network Outsourcing

According to a recent research conducted by Gartner, it is revealed that selective network outsourcing along
with managed network services are going to be the dominant trends for enterprises for the forthcoming
years. This indicates that small and large scale companies are going to make use of complete network

At the same time, there is a chance that your organization is presently considering or utilizing some kind of
managed network service provider. Therefore, what is it that you can do or implement to retain your value
and significance as an IT professional in today's networking outsourcing era?

Taking the Lead Approach
It is a fact that no external managed network solution provider can have a clear idea of the nuances of your
enterprise's IT operation. Much organization's that have decided to outsource their IT requirements are
following the practice of having an in-house person to administer outsourcing initiatives and is generally
known as the IT coordinator.

The role and task of the IT coordinator can be very rewarding and challenging. A person working on this
profile needs to undertake the accountability of making sure that the enterprise is getting all kinds of service
support delineated in the contract. It is the function of the IT coordinators to raise the red flags when an SLA
has not catered to and a service is not offered. Furthermore, this person also might have a crucial role to play
in important projects and executions that a network outsourcing company offers.

Industry Solutions for Network Outsourcing
Today leading service providers of IT infrastructure management understand all the concerns that the market
faces. These service providers with the help of customer feedback and technological innovation have
established a unique "Design - Implement - Consult - Engineering" approach in delivering advanced network
outsourcing solutions. These solutions highlight usages-based, application aware and a virtualized
environment. The services are conceptualized, deployed and offered keeping in mind the overall service suite
that includes the following:

* LAN management
* WAN management

* WLAN management
* Unified Communications
* VoIP
* IP Contact Center management
* Network Operations Center
* Network System Integration Services
* Network Consulting Services
* Network Implementation Services

However, prior to joining hands with a solution provider it is essential to assess your network outsourcing
requirements, budget capacities and evaluate the services offered by the solution provider. It helps you in
making a meaningful investment with long term benefits.

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