Residential Properties in Delhi NCR

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Residential Properties in Delhi NCR
Gurgaon is the sixth largest city of Haryana state in India and the center for
industrial and financial. The only Indian city is Gurgaon which is able to
distribute electric connections to all household successfully and according to
Business today Magazine Gurgaon is considered as the best city in India to
work and to live. The main industries in Gurgaon are Automobile
manufacturing, Garment manufacturing IT industry, Non-IT industry, Real
Estate and shopping malls etc are the main Industries. Due to this reasons
the real Estate sector in Gurgaon is attracting many people to buy a
residential property in Gurgaon in the prime locations like DLFPhase-1,
Sushant Lok, Sector 1,2,3,4 and 5 with reasonable cost.
Gurgoan residential rental value is increasing constantly and the demand for
the residential places with quality accommodation. In Gurgaon the houses
are easily available with the quality of construction and affordable prices
have making more important intention for buying or leasing some real
estate India
. Due to closeness to south Delhi and connectivity to the
international airport, for investors of India and abroad Gurgaon has become
world class real estate target.
In Gurgaon 1BHK apartment average square foot cost of is approximately
Rs.3700 and average price per apartment is Rs.26.5 lac. 2BHK apartment,
the price per square foot is Rs.4000 and the average cost per apartment is
around Rs.45 lac. 3BHK apartment, the average cost is around Rs.4100 and
approximate cost per apartment is Rs.73 lac. In Gurgaon everything like
Independent Houses, Apartments, Villas, PG accommodations, Guest houses
and Holiday homes etc will available for every buyer and for tenants.
In DLF Phase I, II, III, IV, South City I, Green wood City and Sushant Lok
and many more Independent Houses are available. Apartment or
Condominiums are available in Beverly Park I & II, Belvedere Park & Towers,
Heritage City, The Laburnum, Hamilton Courts, Windsor Courts, Regency
Park I & II, Richmond Park, Uniworld City, Uniworld Gardens, Uniworld Spa,
The Palms, Central Park, Pinnacle, The Icon, Aralias, Malibue Towne, Orchid
Greens etc.You can have Greenwood Villas, Nirvana Country, Viesta Villas,
Today Villas and Rosewood Villas etc.
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