Restaurant & Cafe Marketing plan

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    • Menu
    • Space Rental
    • Full Bar
    • Merchandising (caps and Tees)
    • Carryout
    • Takeout
    • Gift Cards
    • Office Catering
    • Special Events- Wine Tasting
    Revenue Sources
    • Café experience- The experience of dining as a service
    • Healthy and light Food- We offer healthy choices for lunch and dinner
    • Entertainment- We offer a relaxed and social environment
    • Bar- We offer a full bar for adult drinkers
    Our Products positioning statement
    • Positioning of product or service
      • Our marketing efforts should center around why our food is appealing, sexy , high-quality, or in some way unique and position it as a lifestyle product.
      • Example.
      • We provide a focused menu, quality food and full bar and social experience for customers seeking a relax, social and upscale environment.
    • Our Uniqueness.
      • We offer a non traditional menu with a traditional bar setting and a bed and breakfast you can stay the night. (you can get drunk and stay healthy with vegan and vegetarian food.)
    • Individuals: people that dine in by themselves.
    • Families: a group of people, either friends or a group of nuclear relatives dining together.
    • Take out: people that prefer to eat food in their home or at a different location than the actual restaurant.
    • Carryout- People who order in groups (over $50) who would like food delivered to them during lunch
    • 1. Institutional marketing - Promote the life style and entertainment value through PR and Blogging
    • 2. Program Marketing-Product and Retention Strategy
      • To seek customer awareness, develop our customer base and work toward building customer loyalty and referrals.
      • Establish customer retention and customer engagement programs.
      • Establish sales goals for staff to achieve (the perfect check theory)
      • To provide food and drink programs that increase Average ticket price and more consumption of our goods. Our programs should target college, hospital and the local business community.
    Marketing Strategy
    • Our programs and tactic used will be centered around 4 core attributes
      • Increase customer frequency- (coupons and specials)
      • Increase check average (waitress and bar tender recommendations and up-selling tactic)
      • Group size (target large group orders with carryout and in-store
      • Identify our hottest sellers, best approach and get customer feedback
      • Increase our Rating
    Core Marketing Objectives
      • Get customer Feedback
      • Increase our rating (direct guests to yelp)
      • Lead capturing (example. email)
      • Position up-sell influencers in the café (flyers)
      • Cross market other products
      • Use suggestive selling tactics
      • Send weekly invitations, coupons and special discount via email
      • Track our best sellers and measure feedback
      • Take customer order, service them, bill collection and post sale tactics
      • Food Sampling
    Marketing Activities and opportunities in-store
      • Local Search (city paper, google maps and yellow pages)
      • Social Networking (engage fans on twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Photo-sharing sites)
      • RSS and Blogs- (Post press releases, menus, food articles on wordpress, blogger etc)
      • Search engine- optimize for local and niche keywords to drive traffic to website
      • Street Promotions- Delivery menu and coupons to local residents and businesses
      • Strategic offline Partnerships- Reach out to local area school and hospitals.
      • Strategic online Partners- Identify online partners that drive traffic and retain customers (,
      • Launch Google Adwords Paid program
    Marketing Activities and opportunities outreach
    • Happy Hour
    • Vegan Wednesday
    • Karaoke
    • Sports Bar
    • D.C Government worker Day
    • Community Day
    • Sport Sundays and Mondays
    • College lunch
    • Wine Tasting Saturdays
    • Wi-Fi & coffee
    Café Weekly Programs
    • Strategy
    • - Press Release should focus on our weekly programs, accomplishments, new products and services
    • - Articles should be written in the areas of Travel, Food and Nightlife
    • Execution
      • Get news featured in Print
      • Post Press Release and articles to blog websites, social networks, pr submission website and news site (RSS).
      • Optimize Press release with high impact keywords
      • Submit press release and stories to local bloggers
    Public Relations
    • Customer acquisition – word of mouth, referral, flyer distribution, Google maps, local directories, online search, PR and strategic partners
    • Customer Retention- customer loyalty programs, specials, coupons and appreciation days, email acquisition, Birthday Invitations
    • Up-selling- Sampling, Suggestive selling and marketing materials
    • Operational strategies- Identifying our most profitable programs, products etc
    Bringing things all together
    • P/L Statement
    • Prime cost worksheet
    • Break-even analysis
    • Customer Feedback (Yelp,,, Facebook, Twitter and message boards)
    • Coupons Validated
    • Email open rates and click throughs
    • Event confirmations and ticket purchases
    Success Metrics and Tracking
    • Employee Training
    • Help customers Find you online.
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