Retail Property in Indian Market

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Retail Property in Indian Market
Nowadays retail property market is doing very good and people who are investing
in real estate of retail market are making money and earning profit. Investment can
be in any form i.e. to buy, sale or rent out the retail spaces. At present the rates of
retail spaces are much very sky-scraping because of the high demand by large
number of people. There are huge list of areas in Delhi which are in demand for
the purpose of retail property market.All big brands are doing retail marketing of
their products and those brands are present in all the major markets and are
playing as market player. Since they are having very good repo in market therefore
to pay a big amount as rent for retail space is not a big issue for them.
Apart of Delhi there are big commercial spaces in the form of retail offices in NCRs
regions i.e. Noida, Gurgoan & Faridabad. All these NCRs are having various
small/larger offices or shops and doing their business by hiring retail property.
Brands like Levis, Monte Carlo, Mango, Meena Bazar, CTC Plaza, VLCC, Lakme,
Bata, Liberty, Mc. Donald, KFC. CCD, Subway etc. are having retail outlets in all the
major locations of NCRs in Malls or in main Markets. Thus because of this high
demand of retail spaces it is clear that its rates will automatically will go up and up.
Instead of having high rate of retail property in India all the big brands are
utilizing the trade spaces in different areas to show off their presence and to make
or earn money & profit.
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