Retain Customers With Efficient After Sales Services

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Retain Customers With Efficient After Sales Services

After sales service is an essential aspect of any organization's "sales strategy". A stable after sales
service has the potential to help a company attain greater market share, minimize after-sales related
overheads on goods and service and most essentially leads to efficient customer retention. Majority of
customers will not try and repeat a purchase or continue using a specific service of a company if there
has been any unfavorable experience in the past.

In the present day and age, there are enterprises who underestimate the scope and potential that quality
after sales service holds. It can help you attain a competitive advantage over others. Most users and
clients look forward to high end customer service, especially as they concentrate of getting a proper value
for money and are even ready to spend more on products, goods, services and brands that offer the best.

To define in elementary terms, after sales service refers to the process of managing goods and products
after they have been sold to the customers. The same process overlaps with essential processes such as
reverse logistics, customer care, and returns/service management and so on. Irrespective of the name,
this is a difficult area and involves several members in various locations and also combine internal and
third party members within the value network. However some of the essential facts about after sales
service are as follows:-

About 6% of all items sold are returned ( as per Returns Logistics, 2009)

Almost 68% of returns have zero technical fault ( as per Accenture report, 2007)

The average loss related to a return is 19 ( as per Newgistics, 2007)

The processing returns costs four times as much as processing the original order

An average of one consumer phone call is made per return
Today there are eminent service providers offering after sales service solutions using the innovative
Cloud Process. These solutions help to rationalize, optimize and automate the process of the ongoing
after sales business process. It helps to incorporate a complete value network and all the collaborating
members and parties. This in turn offers you a continuous control generated by configured business rules
and logic in the Cloud Process.

At the same time, the solution provides end-to-end visibility of the overall process and is based on real-
time data. An innovative digital management within the system offers easy availability to all the key
information associated with after sales service.

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