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Retro Patio Furniture - Even Better Than The Memories
One of the really big movements in design recently has been the move to reinvent retro.
You can find all kinds of restaurants and other buildings, particularly in places like Palm
Springs experiencing a revival in retro styles.
But one of the biggest areas to see a boom in redesign has been retro patio furniture.
Perhaps this is because so many people in the baby boomer generation recall this style of
furniture fondly from the days of their youth. Maybe it is because this kind of classic design
brings back memories from a time when life was so much simpler that it is now.
Whatever the reason, retro patio furniture is hot.
You can find websites on the internet that feature nothing but modern versions of the
classic shellback or clamshell steel patio chair. The one where if you left it out in the rain,
would start to rust almost immediately and your dad had to spend hours sanding it down
with sandpaper and steel wool before he repainted it.
Other websites, incredibly enough, sell only refinished pieces of original steel patio
furniture. The folks who run these sites hunt throughout the country to find patio gliders, or
chair or high bar sets from the 40's and the 50's, buy them, refinish them and then resell
them online. And they are back ordered for months at a time because so many people want
these pieces of vintage Americana.
Other websites have recreated the original designs of the steel Bellaire clamshell design
patio chairs in harvest gold, avocado, turquoise and purple. They only come in a few vintage
colors and the frames that make up the arms and legs are always white tube steel.
Flattened on the bottom for the runners of the legs so that they don't roll on the lawn.
It is incredible how much variety there is in this style. If you want, you can even purchase
steel patio tables complete with red and white patio umbrellas on a pole that sticks right
through a hole in the middle of the table.
The patio tables of this design are, of course, always white, because white goes with any
other color. And if you are really into the retro scene, you buy classic models of drink
coolers in red or green. The kind for soda bottles that hung by their necks. And these all
come with a bottle opener attached to the end and a tray to drop the bottle caps right into
after you open them. All the makings for a perfect summer afternoon.
No matter your choice in style of furniture for your outdoor space, the internet can help you
find it. And if what you are really wanting is retro patio furniture, then the web will help you
find that too so you can enjoy those perfect summer days out on your patio when life was
simple all over again.
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