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RFID Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts
by Application and Vertical
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RFID Market to 2025
The technology for transferring data from an electronic tag using radio waves is known as RFID. The term RFID
stands for Radio Frequency Identification.It is basically an electronic label or tag attached with the products, this
electronic tag is capableof being read through a reader for the purpose of tracking or identifying the product. Since
past few yearsthis industry has improvedits standards by removing majority of the technological glitches which has
led to make this industry capable of cateringthe interoperable requirements. Also this industry has reinforced the
promotional and educationalefforts by introduction of EPC Gen2 (Electronic Product Code Version2) and UHF RFID
(Ultra High Frequency RFID) types.The RFID technology is steadily transforming into a reliable and authenticc hoice
for documentation. Though it took long for the RFID market to reach where it is today, with the improvising
technologies this marketis expected to witness a sharp growth in next few years.
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RFID Market to 2025
The supply chain and item level tagging application are the majorg rowthdriver of the RFID industry that are slowly
gaining the popularity worldwide. Its ability to track andprovide real-time data about the product has made it an
important aspect for any business. As earlier mentioned the RFID had a slow growth in the past, some of the
reasons for its gradual growth were, unnecessary intensive publicity and generalized emphasis on different RFID
technology gears such as antennas, readers and tags, which contradicts to universal solution architectures, thus,
hindering its wide-scale deployments. Also the ferocityof industry discussions about its standards and frequencies
have contradicted the representation of its relevant uses and solution infrastructure. This market is expected to
envision growth in retail, healthcareand even airline industries. Along with the growth in these industries the new
door of opportunities for RFID marketare expected to open in coming future.
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