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Steel and your Horse Arena
Are you thinking about constructing a new riding arena to ride your horse in? Steel is always a great choice
when erecting any kind of building because it is incredibly durable but also exceptionally hard wearing against
the extreme weather that Australia experiences. It's a very lightweight material, which makes it much simpler to
Many types of steel buildings now come in kit form, including horse arenas. They come in an array of colours
and sizes, so you can pick one that is visually appealing or even one to match any other buildings on your
Shed kits are often pre-designed; however, most steel building suppliers will also customise a building to suit
your individual requirements.
Most Steel riding arena kits are bundled together, ready to be constructed. Often step by step directions are
provided making them relatively uncomplicated to erect even if you're not a professional builder - but handy at
Steel is a very lightweight material, making the kits reasonably priced to freight to you. Choosing to build your
riding arena from a steel kit can save you thousands in freight and contractor costs.
By using steel to erect your new horse arena, you need less support than you would with a material such as
wood. Therefore, there are less support columns inside the arena, leaving much more room to ride your horse in.
Happy horse means happy rider!
Insulation is simple to add when building with steel. When insulated, the riding arena will be less affected by
cold or hot weather. Your shed will therefore be more comfortable for both you and your horse no matter what
the weather is like outside!
You need to ensure that your horse has a lot of cover to protect it from the harsh weather, especially when it's
raining or very hot. Steel is a fantastic material to build a covered arena so you don't need to worry about your
horse in the more extreme weather that occurs in many parts of Australia.
If you have a problem with termites in your area, steel will be the obvious choice to construct your buildings
with. Unlike wood, steel is less-likely to warp from extreme heat or excessive rain. You can't go wrong if you
choose steel to construct your new riding arena!