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What Causes Tinnitus?
Tinnitus Can Arise In Any of The Following Areas: The Outer Ear, The
Middle Ear, The Inner Ear, Or By Abnormalities In The Brain. Some
Tinnitus Or Head Noise Is Normal. If One Goes Into A Sound Proof Booth
And Normal Outside Noise Is Diminished, One Becomes Aware Of These
Normal Sounds. We Are Usually Not Aware Of These Normal Body
Sounds, Because Outside Noise Masks Them. Anything, Such As Ear
Wax or a Foreign Body In The External Ear, That Blocks These
Background Sounds Will Cause Us To Be More Aware Of Our Own Head
Sounds. Fluid, Infection, Or Disease Of The Middle Ear Bones Or Ear Drum
(Tympanic Membrane) Can Also Cause Tinnitus.
One Of The Most Common Causes Of Tinnitus Is Damage To The
Microscopic Endings Of The Hearing Nerve In The Inner Ear. Advancing
Age Is Generally Accompanied By A Certain Amount Of Hearing Nerve
Impairment, And Consequently Chronic Tinnitus.
Today, Loud Noise Exposure Is A Very Common Cause of Tinnitus, and It
Often Damages Hearing As Well. Unfortunately, Many People Are
Unconcerned About The Harmful Effects Of Excessively Loud Noise,
Firearms, And High Intensity Music.
Some Medications (For Example, Aspirin) and Other Diseases of the Inner
Ear (Meniere's syndrome) Can Cause Tinnitus. Tinnitus Can In Very Rare

Situations Be A Symptom Of Such Serious Problems As A Brain
Aneurysm Or A Brain Tumor (Acoustic Tumor).
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