rizal- women in rizals life

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Women in Dr. Rizal's Life

Segunda Katigbak

First crush of Dr. Jose Rizal
referred to as K in RIzal's Diary
studied in Colegio de la Concordia
" not the most beautiful woman I
had ever seen, but I have not met
another more alluring and beguiling...
from time to time she looked at me , I

Leonor Valenzuela

Charming, tall girl with regal
Daughter of Capitan Juan and
Capitana Sanday Valenzuela
Invisible love letters
" Orang "

Leonor Rivera
Born in Camiling, Tarlac, on April
11, 1867
childhood sweetheart, first
cousin, and "lover by
Maria Clara of Noli Me Tangere
Employed Codes
Married to Englishman Henry

Consuelo Ortiga y Rey
One of Don Pablo's Daughters
A la Senorita C.O.y.R
Romantic verses
Eduardo de Lete

To Miss Consuelo Ortiga y Rey
Why ask for those unintellectual verses
Something impossible, ambition, madness,
that once, insane with grief, I sang aghast? dreams of the soul, a passion and its throes
Or are you may be throwing in my face Oh, drink the nectar that life has to offer
my rank ingratitude, my bitter past?
and let the bitter dregs in peace repose!

Why resurrect unhappy memories
Again I feel the impenetrable shadows
now when the heart awaits from love a sign, shrouding the soul with the thick veils of

or call the night when day begins to smile, a mere bud only, not a lovely flower,
not knowing if another day will shine? because it's destitute of air and light

You wish to learn the cause of this dejection Behold them: my poor verses, my damned brood
and why, a young soul, I sing not of love? and sorrow suckled each and every brat!
You wish to know the wherefore of such sorrows Oh, they know well to what they owe their being,
Delirium of despair that anguish wove? and maybe they themselves will tell you what

Oh, may you never know why! For the reason
brings melancholy but may set you laughing
Down with my corpse into the grave shall go
another corpse that's buried in my stuffing!

Osei San
Seiko Usui
Samurai's Daughter
Lovely and Intelligent woman
Su-mie and Japanese

Gertrude Beckett
Sucesos de las Islas
boarded in the house of
Beckett Family
Blue-eyed buxom girl
Seriously in love

Suzanne Jacoby
Jacoby Boarding House
a belgian and fall deeply in
Dr. Rizal left Brussels
"palomas de bajo vuelo"

Josephine Bracken
Petite Irish Girl
Adopted daughter of George
Agent of Friars
Became rizal's wife without
the church's Blessing
Imitation of Christ by Father
Thomas Kempis