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Design Brief

Design Ideas + Work Plan

Design was supposed to make the arm carry three balls without making the ball
fall in any other position other than the downward arm position. Through having
a steel barrier covering the sides and the back of the "fingers" connected to the
arm we can ensure that the ball won't drop. This was abandoned due to the ball
squishing between the barriers causing the ball not to drop while the arm was
tilted downwards.

With the right gear touching the platform the robot was steered towards the left
always. Through one gear touching the platform the robot was tilted making it's
center of gravity shift causing the robot to lean and sometimes making the robot
land sideways. To fix this problem we changed wheels instead of using an all
purpose rubber wheel we had supply ourselves with and Omni directional
wheel, which these Omni directional wheels lifted our robot up enough for the
gear not to make contact with the platform.

Due to shafts encoder not performing the fastest problem to fix this mind
boggling conflict was just to use change the code within Robotc. From using shaft
encoding to normal time regulated coding such as "go forward for 5 seconds".

One minor change to our robot from the start was changing where the logic
board was faced. Through the change it made the connecting the wires easier
and faster.

Through our first try everything went perfectly correct, scoring 160 in
autonomous mode scoring 3 purple mines and parking back inside the red
square. Through disposing 5 mines we scored a total of 100 points adding up to
260 points. It was a beautiful run.